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‘Come on, 彼ら': Firefighter goes viral debunking wildfire conspiracies on TikTok

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Firefighters are, 明らかに, known for fighting fires. But one is taking his job a step further -- by fighting conspiracy theories, あまりにも. 今週, Michael Clark, a firefighter based in Hawaii, made a TikTok video d...

「ゴールデンガールズ’ special episode brought in viral video star to perform theme remix

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"Thank you for being a friend." ザ・ "Zoom Where It Happens" live table read of an episode of "ゴールデンガールズ" with an all Black cast kicked off Tuesday night with viral star Aaron Scott singing his gospel remix of...

「ジェパディ!’ contestant goes viral for ‘goofyfacial expressions throughout show

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Twitter users couldn't get enough of Julia Markham Cameron, an attorney from Brooklyn, ニューヨーク, who made quite a name for herself during Thursday's episode, which was guest hosted by "ビッグバン理論" alum and neuro...

101-1歳のロブスターウーマンは、「スターウォーズ」で口コミで広まります’ 「フォース」を使用するためのファン’

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19-彼の誕生日パーティーがバイラルになった後に採用された1歳のシェルター猫: 「心を開いて’

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シンシナティアニマルケアヒューメインソサエティは、人気の動画共有アプリを利用して、6月のサミーの利用可能性を強調しました 15, ペルシャ猫の19歳の誕生日にも当てはまりました. "彼の唯一の誕生日の願いは新しい家です。.

4th-grader tells ‘Fox & 友達’ about viral confrontation with school board: ‘I wanted to take a stand

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Provenzano, who is in fourth grade at Felix A. Williams Elementary school in Martin County, added that his classmates are "not happy" about the mask requirement either. UTAH MOM BLASTS SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER MASK MAND...

A man with autism asks future employers to ‘take a chance on mein a heartfelt, handwritten viral letter

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A soon-to-be high school graduate started his job search in a unique way -- he wrote a candid open letter and posted it on LinkedIn. Ryan Lowry has autism and wants future employers to understand that while he may l...

A nurse is suspended after her TikTok bragging about breaking Covid-19 rules goes viral

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While many health care workers have used social media to show Americans the harsh effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, one Oregon nurse is in trouble for doing the opposite. An oncology nurse at Oregon's Salem Health w...


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フロリダで釣りをしている人々のグループは、訪問者が彼らに忍び寄ったことに突然気づいたとき、楽しい時間を過ごしていました。: 大きなワニ. 誰もけがをしなかったが, ビデオはそれがなぜであるかについての良い例を提供します ...

Arizona sheriff goes viral with vow not to mandate vaccines for his officers

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タッカーカールソン: LEADERS NEEED TO EXPLAIN THEIR COVID MANDATES, NOT JUST TELL US TO OBEY SHERIFF MARK LAMB: I did it because I'm tired of seeing weak leadership across this country and weak leadership as it relates to...

Army drill instructor charged over viral video involving Black man

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Authorities have identified Staff Sgt. Jonathan Pentland, 42, as the aggressor who demands that a smaller, unidentified Black man "walk away" from a stretch of suburban sidewalk. "We gave the facts of the case that w...

Associated Press fires reporter after pro-Palestinian social media posts from college go viral

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AP news associate Emily Wilder, who graduated from Stanford University in 2020 and had worked for the Arizona Republic, was the target of backlash after Stanford College Republicans drew attention to her activism on ...

Atlanta police officer describes viral act of kindness toward barefoot homeless man in emotional interview

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Atlanta police officer S. Thomas was working her beat a few months ago when she noticed a man walking barefoot in the rain, Atlanta police said Saturday in a post describing the circumstances of the good deed. KANSA...

Barbie confronts racism in viral video and shows how to be a White ally

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Barbie sat down for a real talk about racism with her good friend Nikki in the Dreamhouse -- and nothing was off limits. The pair unpacked White privilege, the struggles of racial bias and what it means to be a true...


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フロリダのバーテンダーは、女性がソーシャルメディアに、明らかに不気味な男から彼女と彼女の友人を保護するのにどのように役立ったかについての話を共有した後、バイラルヒーローになりました. 話によると, バーテンダーが助けたc ...


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アラスカの国立公園のウェブカメラは、魚が上流にジャンプしたときに鮭を捕まえようとしているクマのグループを撮影しました. クマの1人にとって残念なことに, カメラが滑って転んだ瞬間も捉えました。.

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