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Boyfriend of missing woman in US Virgin Islands verbally abusive to former stepdaughter: eksvrou

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Corie Stevenson told Fox News Thursday that he’d lost his temper "dozens of times" with her daughter Grace, then a preteen, and that it got so bad she couldn’t leave them alone together when she went to class or work...

Virgin Voyages plans trips for U.K. ports as sailing in U.S. bly onseker

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Due to regulations put in place by the CDC, cruise operations in the U.S. remain uncertain for the near future. As other parts of the world start to reopen, egter, it seems like cruise companies are adjusting their...

Jeffrey Epstein estate executors are ‘indispensable captainsof his criminal enterprise, US Virgin Islands AG says

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Jeffrey Epstein's estate coexecutors were "indispensable captains" of his criminal enterprise to traffic girls, according to a complaint from US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise N. George. The amended complain...

Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia as the future home of its new high-tech certification center

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Virgin Hyperloop is investing $ 500 million to build what could one day be the future of high-speed transportation. West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice held a news conference on Friday along with Virgin Airlines founder...