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Democrats ‘worriedthat ‘diehardKamala Harris loyalists are ‘virtually nonexistent,’ The Hill reports

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"It’s always been a problem," a former Harris aide told the outlet. "You have to have your people around you." Another White House official told The Hill that people who have worked for Harris are "very willing" om t ...

Dan Snyder offered to virtually testify in front of House Oversight Committee

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According to a new statement released Thursday from Snyder’s attorney, Karen Patton Seymour, to Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney (D-N.Y.), the owner offered to virtually testify before the Committee after initially declining ...

Highland Park shooting suspect appears virtually in court on 7 murder counts

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Crimo, 21, allegedly fired more than 80 rounds at a crowd of spectators Monday morning in a suburb of Chicago, killing seven people and injuring dozens, before fleeing the scene dressed as a woman, owerhede gesê. ...

As gas prices soar, Americans consider if businesses should allow employees to work virtually to save money

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"Anything that helps saving gas is awesome," Luis, of Jersey City, gesê. "The way that gas prices are right now, it’s crazy." Southwest Tennessee Community College recently instituted "virtual Fridays" for the summer...

Biden to meet virtually with baby formula manufacturers amid nationwide shortage

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The president is expected to discuss his administration’s efforts to accelerate formula production and imports through Operation Fly Formula. Empty shelves show a shortage of baby formula at a CVS store in...

California DA warns virtually all drugs on the streets are laced with fentanyl

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"In Riverside County, the number of fentanyl deaths in the last five years has gone up 800%. Hierdie jaar, we expect to have well over 500 people die because of fentanyl poisoning," Hestrin told "Amerika verslae." Hestr...

Bidens besoek Kuswagstasie, ontmoet virtueel met dienslede regoor die wêreld op Thanksgiving

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Op Donderdag, die Bidens het na die kuswagstasie Brant Point in Nantucket gereis, Massachusetts, dienslede wat daar gestasioneer is te besoek. Die Biden-gesin bly in die Nantucket-huis van die miljardêr David Rubens..

Newt Gingrich highlights Biden’s incompetence ‘in virtually every area

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Gingrich vertel "Hannity" that while Clinton made incongruous comments on MSNBC, Biden's Energy Secretary Jen Granholm exhibited the latest "onbevoegdheid" of the White House when she could not declare the estimated amo...

Homeland Security secretary working virtually after contact with employee who tested positive for Covid-19

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After coming into close contact with a Department of Homeland Security employee who later tested positive for Covid-19, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will work virtually this week, according to a de...

‘Virtually allCOVID-19 hospitalizations, deaths in US among unvaccinated, White House sê

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As of this week, die Sentrums vir Siektebeheer en -voorkoming (CDC) predicts that the Delta variant is the dominant COVID-19 strain in the U.S., with the agency’s director noting its rapid spread and an increase in...

CNN slams Cruz for ‘pushing Russian propaganda,’ virtually ignores Biden lifting sanctions on Russian pipeline

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Verlede week, Cruz condemned a controversial new U.S. Army recruitment video, arguing that it is intended to promote a "wakker geword, emasculated military." The original ad features Cpl. Emma Malonelord, a soldier raised in Cal...

Five ways you can celebrate Black History Month virtually

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Honoring Black History Month may look and feel a lot different this year amid the coronavirus pandemic. But there are still plenty of ways to celebrate. Regoor die land, organizations are providing safe ways for...

Atlanta Falcons shut down facility and will work virtually following positive Covid-19 test

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Covid-19 has forced the Atlanta Falcons to temporarily close the nest. The NFL team shut down its Georgia facility Thursday morning after a member of the organization tested positive for the coronavirus. Citing "an ...