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Police and volunteers search for LSU student who has been missing for days

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Police and volunteers are searching for a Louisiana State University freshman who has been missing since Tuesday, the school said. Kori Gauthier's car was found unoccupied at the scene of an accident on the Mississi...

Il Covid-19 ha devastato questa piccola città. I volontari stanno andando di porta in porta per garantire che le persone vengano vaccinate

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L'ultimo 12 sono mesi che stanno suonando per Linda Harris, che vive in una piccola città della Georgia sudoccidentale duramente colpita dalla pandemia di coronavirus. "Sono stanco di perdere i nonni, nonne, granddaddys e alcuni dei nostri sm ...

Fino a 90 healthy volunteers to be exposed to Covid-19 in world first trial

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The world's first Covid-19 human challenge study will begin within a month in the UK, deliberately exposing up to 90 healthy young people to the coronavirus. The study received ethics approval this week, the countr...

Volunteers remove more than 9,000 lbs of trash from Tennessee River

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In an epic cleanup effort, volunteers removed more than 9,000 pounds of trash from the Tennessee River, one of the dirtiest rivers in the country. Over the course of three days earlier this month, volunteers with K...

UK mulling vaccine trials that deliberately expose volunteers to Covid-19

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The British government is exploring the possibility of clinical trials in which volunteers are deliberately exposed to coronavirus to test the effectiveness of vaccine candidates, the UK Department for Business, Ene...