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Ingraham exposes ‘who’s really terrorizing Americans’, Biden administration efforts to ‘frighten’ kiesers

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Ingraham warned that Attorney General Merrick Garland's newly-announced "National Strategy for Countering Domestic Terrorism" is somewhat of a misnomer, that instead will act as a tool for the DOJ to suppress and pun...

David Bossie: Voters vs Biden, Pelosi and Dems – why summer and fall of 2021 will be a pivotal moment for US

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Nou, with the election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, combined with a Congress controlled by unhinged leftists Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, sosialisme - tragies - has breached the...

‘Die Vyf’ on voters believing Biden is too liberal

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NEIL CAVUTO, FOX NUUSGASheer: Art, thank you very, baie. Art Del Cueto, the Border Patrol Union VP. And sadly, he's been proving (inaudible) accurate and all of this stuff. And as for the border and that it's clos...

Karl Rove on new Fox News poll showing growing number of voters feel Biden ‘too liberal

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BIDEN TOPS TRUMP, CLINTON, BUT OUTPACED BY OBAMA AND BOTH BUSHES, IN POLLING PARISON KARL ROVE: The poll then goes on to ask a question on spending-the administration's spending proposals and 47% of Americans say tha...

‘Anti-wokecandidate wins Texas school board race, says voters rejecting media’s ‘false narrativeon race

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Smith is one of two school board candidates in Texas that have been elected amid a raging battle over critical race theory (CRT), prompting speculation about the issue's political saliency nationwide. Smith and Camer...

MSNBC reporters struggle to find voters who watched Biden speech: ‘They just went to bed

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As NewsBusters highlighted, NBC News correspondent Priscilla Thompson reported from Atlanta on Thursday ahead of Biden's drive-in rally to mark one hundred days in office and tout the agenda he presented to the Ameri...

Fox News-peiling: Majority of voters oppose reducing police funding

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The latest Fox News poll finds that by a nearly 2-1 marge, 62-33 persentasie, registered voters disagree with reducing police funding and moving it to other areas.

Fox News-peiling: 1 in 5 voters reject vaccine, concern about coronavirus drops

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Die opname, released Sunday, shows that while 7 in 10 voters have either already received a vaccine (58 persentasie) or plan to (13 persentasie), meer as 1 in 5 aren’t scheduling their novel coronavirus inoculation (22 per...

Arizona House passes bill that would stop some voters from automatically receiving mail-in ballots

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The GOP-led Arizona House on Tuesday passed legislation that would make changes to the mail-in voting process in the state, including stopping some voters from automatically receiving ballots. Die rekening, a part of th...

New voter restrictions are based on a lie told to appease Trump voters

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Peiling van die week: A new Reuters/Ipsos poll finds that 55% of Republicans falsely believe Joe Biden's victory in the 2020 presidential election was the result of illegal voting or rigging. Daarbenewens, 60% of Republ...

The election that voters don’t want anyone to win

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"Ongelukkig, I have to vote and choose one, but here we can't even choose the least bad because all of them are bad," sighed 30-year-old photographer Abraham Medina, explaining why he's still undecided ahead of P...

MSNBC host mangles Georgia voting law, suggests it’s illegal for voters to have food and water in line

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"We have heard a lot about no food or water in line, but beyond those headlines, what is the most dangerous part of this bill?" she asked Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, D. "The most dangerous part of this bill, ...

Voters say *this* is the biggest election problem in the country

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Amid the ongoing fight over the recently passed Georgia election law -- and the subsequent decision by Major League Baseball to pull its All-Star Game out of Atlanta this summer -- you might reasonably conclude tha...

Dit is nou in Georgië onwettig om kos en water aan kiesers in die ry te gee

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Die nuwe omvattende verkiesingswet in Georgië bevat 'n aantal omstrede bepalings wat toegang tot stemme sal beperk. Maar een het veral mense wat kopskud. Onder die wetsontwerp, onderteken in die wet Donderdag ...

Cuomo hasn’t resigned because he still has support from Democratic voters

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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is fighting to stay in office. He's resisting calls from several Democrats to resign after multiple women have come forward with allegations of sexual harassment. While Cuomo may eventual...

50% of New York voters say Cuomo should not immediately resign, peiling vind

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Half of New York state registered voters do not believe Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo should immediately resign, a poll released on Monday by Siena College finds, despite mounting pressure for him to step aside in th...

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