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"Occhi al premio": Due attivisti mettono da parte le minacce personali per combattere le nuove restrizioni al voto

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Questa settimana, gli attivisti per i diritti di voto Cliff Albright e LaTosha Brown saliranno a bordo di un autobus di 53 piedi e inizieranno un tour attraverso il sud. Il loro compito: Radunare il sostegno pubblico alla legislazione federale per combattere la zattera di nuove s...

Michigan Senate passes 3 voting bills with new restrictions

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Washington The Michigan Senate on Wednesday passed three bills that would restrict voting rights in the state as part of a larger Republican-led package intended to overhaul election laws, despite Democratic Gov. Gre...

Quattro conclusioni dall'ultimo dibattito del sindaco di New York prima dell'inizio del voto anticipato questo fine settimana

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Nel loro dibattito finale prima che i newyorkesi inizino il voto anticipato sabato, cinque dei principali candidati alle primarie del sindaco democratico giovedì sera hanno consegnato messaggi di chiusura agli elettori e attacchi disperati..

Kamala Harris invita i democratici del Texas che hanno lasciato la Camera di Stato per uccidere il disegno di legge elettorale alla Casa Bianca White

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L'incontro si terrà mercoledì, secondo una dichiarazione del portavoce Symone Sanders. I Democratici hanno organizzato un drammatico sciopero poco prima della mezzanotte di maggio 31, uccidendo efficacemente il conto in sessione regolare...

Pelosi pushes forward with voting rights, Jan. 6 investigations citing ‘Republican assault on our Democracy

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Pelosi said there's an "urgent" need to pass the election legislation, known as H.R. 1 in the House and S. 1 al Senato, because of voter suppression efforts by the GOP at the state level. "We are at [un] urgent ...

It’s not just voting and Covid: How red states are overriding their blue cities

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Republican-controlled states have escalated their offensive against Democratic-controlled cities and counties this year to unprecedented heights, further deepening the trench between red and blue America. From Key ...

New York City is using ranked choice voting in its primaries. Here’s why that means it could take weeks to get results

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Democrats running for New York City mayor will square off in a crucial debate Wednesday night, but they won't just be trying to convince voters that they're the best candidate for the job -- being someone's second, ...

Supreme Court ruling in Arizona case will be another front in the voting rights wars

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The battle lines have been drawn in the voting rights wars as several Republican-led states consider ever restrictive laws and Democrats fight a frantic battle in courts to combat what President Joe Biden has called...

Biden seemingly blasts Sinema, Manchin for ‘voting more with my Republican friends

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"I hear all the folks on TV saying why doesn't Biden get this done?" the president said in an address after meeting survivors of the Tulsa race massacre at the Greenwood Cultural Center. "Bene, because Biden only has...

Obamacare, LGBTQ rights, voting laws in play during Supreme Court’s final month

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The Supreme Court is staring at its self-imposed end of June deadline, but the justices have not yet released some of the most significant opinions of the term, including a challenge to the Affordable Care Act, il ...

Biden calls Texas voting bill ‘wrong and un-American’

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A draft of the bill was circulated around the state House and Senate Saturday, and the legislature is expected to pass the legislation and send it to GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s desk shortly. The bill would ban drive-thr...

Nevada state legislature looks to codify ballot harvesting while adding straight-ticket voting

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Di mercoledì, the Democrat-controlled Nevada General Assembly passed Assembly Bill 321, a measure that legally codifies ballot harvesting and expanded mail-in voting measures initially implemented as the COVID-19 pan...

Asian Americans emerged as an important voting bloc in 2020. Activists fear new voting restrictions could silence them

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Democratic activist Cam Ashling pulled out the stops ahead of Georgia's general election last year and its recent Senate runoffs. Her Georgia Advancing Progress PAC sent 12,000 handwritten postcards in an array of l...

Voting? That’s for suckers.

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Repubblicano della Carolina del Nord. Madison Cawthorn has missed more votes -- 16.2% -- than any other freshman member of Congress, according to Quorum data first reported by Axios. Infatti, the five biggest vote-missers...

Purges, poll watchers and gridlock: Five developments in the voting battles

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Arizona just became the latest Republican-led battleground to impose new voting restrictions, enacting a law that could purge tens of thousands of voters from the state's early mail-in ballot list. And in other key ...

Suo. Joe Manchin won’t support For the People Act, says path forward is John Lewis Voting Rights Act

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Washington, DC Sen. Joe Manchin will not back the For the People Act, the sweeping elections and campaign finance overhaul sought by Democrats to blunt Republican state-level efforts to restrict voting access, a spok...