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Indiana girls bring concerns over ‘Men Workingsigns to their lawmakers, and the city vows action

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Two young sisters are using their voices to fight for gender equality in their city. When Blair Babione, 11, and her sister Brienne, 9, noticed "Men Working" signs at construction sites around Carmel, Indiana, they...

Mesut Ozil joins Fenerbahce from Arsenal as he vows to be a ‘Gunner for life

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The long-running saga between Mesut Ozil and Arsenal came to an end on Sunday as it was announced that the midfielder has joined Fenerbahce on a three-and-a-half-year deal. Ozil, who scored 44 goals in 254 appearan...

McConnell calls Barrett ‘exceedingly well-qualifiedand vows Senate floor vote ‘in the weeks ahead

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Washington Top Senate Republicans on Saturday applauded President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to become the next Supreme Court justice and called for a quick confirmation vote. Senate Majority Lead...

Trump vows to appoint a woman to Supreme Court as vacancy re-energizes his political prospects

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Hoping to shift the public's attention from his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, President Donald Trump quickly moved to make the new Supreme Court vacancy a central issue in his reelection campaign, announcing...