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Titans coach Mike Vrabel tests positive for COVID-19

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Vrabel told reporters he had a sore throat and an earache. He went to the team headquarters Sunday morning to be tested, and the result came back positive. He originally was scheduled to meet with reporters in person...

Bucs’ Tom Brady roasts former teammate, Titans head coach Mike Vrabel: ‘Mike’s a real a–diep skaam oor my optrede daardie dag— ‘

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In a video posted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers media on Wednesday, Brady had some not-so-nice things to say about the former Patriots linebacker turned head coach. FORMER PATRIOT ASANTE SAMUEL DOUBLES DOWN ON BILL BE...

Titans’ Mike Vrabel slams Julio Jones for costly penalty: ‘Doing dumb sthat hurts the team

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Vrabel lashed out on the former All-Pro wideout on Monday. Jones was called for a personal foul in the first quarter. He was flagged for unnecessary roughness after he swung at Cardinals cornerback Byron Murphy. KLIK...

Titans HC Mike Vrabel will continue to feed Derrick Henry

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The strategy never seems to fail as we saw in the Titans’ 34-31 victory over the Bills on Monday night, a game defined by Henry bulldozing over Buffalo defenders. Henry also showed off his elite speed on his 76-yard ...

Titans’ Mike Vrabel steek NFL-refs oor oproep tydens Chiefs-Broncos-wedstryd

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Vrabel het in die eerste helfte gereageer op 'n knal-bang-spel tussen die Chiefs en Broncos. Patrick Mahomes het 'n aangee na Travis Kelce gegooi voor die eerste-af-merker. Dit het geblyk hy het die vangs gemaak en gevroetel. Die bal ...

Mike Vrabel vows 10-win Titans team is ‘not dead yet

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Randy Bullock nailed a 44-yard game-winning field goal on the drive following San Francisco tying the game on a 2-yard touchdown pass from Jimmy Garoppolo to Brandon Aiyuk. Titans coach Mike Vrabel told reporters aft...

Titans extend contracts for GM Jon Robinson, coach Mike Vrabel

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Barely two weeks after their season ended, the Titans announced Tuesday contract extensions for both Robinson and Vrabel. Terms were not released. Controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk said in a statement she has seen t...