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St. John’s Stef Smith subject of vulgar chants in game vs. Indiana

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The Hoosiers’ student section was chanting "sloppy seconds" toward Smith at points during the game. Smith is reportedly dating Indiana forward Trayce Jackson-Davis' ex-girlfriend. Smith finished with 16 points and th...

Studenti delle scuole superiori della Pennsylvania esclusi dalla partita di hockey dopo insulti volgari al portiere donna: rapporti

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L'incidente è avvenuto durante una partita tra la Armstrong High School, di Kittanning, e Mars High School il mese scorso. I fan di Armstrong sono stati ascoltati in un video fare commenti volgari e sessisti nei confronti del portiere femminile sul ...

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ irks the left, but liberals were celebrated for vulgar rhetoric during prior administration

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The phrase became an internet sensation last month after an NBC reporter at a NASCAR Xfinity Series race incorrectly reported that fans in the stands were chanting "Let’s Go Brandon" following a victory by driver Bra...

Washington Post mocked for reporting on ‘vulgar threatsagainst President Biden

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Di sabato, the Washington Post reporters Ashley Parker and Carissa Wolf wrote what they considered "vitriol" from critics of President Biden in a piece titled "Biden’s critics hurl increasingly vulgar taunts." Il ...

%&*@! Maine bans vulgar vanity license plates

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Attualmente, there are license plates with salty language including f-bombs, references to anatomy and sex acts, and general insults. One license plate says simply, "F—-Y0U" — except that on the plate, it's plainly spe...

Aggie yell leader reminds fans not to shout vulgar language

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Head Yell Leader Memo Salinas sent out a university-wide email afterwards reminding students and fans alike to exhibit "Core Values" at the games. "Texas A&M is a cut above the rest. As Aggies, we show and live o...