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Il leader turco ha degli affari in sospeso in Siria. Cosa sta aspettando?

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa per la prima volta nella newsletter della CNN nel frattempo in Medio Oriente, uno sguardo tre volte a settimana nelle più grandi storie della regione. Iscriviti qui. Abu Dhabi, Il presidente turco degli Emirati Arabi Uniti Recep Tayyip Erdogan..

Jeff Bridges bonds with John Lithgow on ‘This Old Man’ following COVID, cancer battles: ‘Worth waiting for’

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L'attore, who stars as a former CIA spy in the series, recalled how he played many of his fight scenes while fighting another real-life battle – cancer. "What makes me laugh, I’m doing this scene, all that fighting ...

Millions of veterans fighting the effects of toxic exposure from burn pits waiting on stalled Senate bill

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Myatt fought an aggressive leukemia for three years, followed by a skin cancer diagnosis, and he now has a problem with his lungs, likely from inhaling toxic fumes during his time in Iraq. "When I was initially dia...

Uvalde, Texas shooting: Blaming police for waiting is ‘destructive, distracting, and unfair,’ Sen. Cornyn says

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Cornyn said blaming the first responders after the complex incident is "distracting and unfair." "The second-guessing and finger-pointing among state and local law enforcement is destructive, distracting, and unfair,...

Guerra in Ucraina: Zelenskyy’s wife waiting for reunification of her family, ‘like all families’ Là

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"The family is separated. He lives at work. For two months and a half we didn't see each other at all, we only talked on the phone," she told a Ukrainian news outlet during a telethon event. "We are waiting," she ad...

Migrants stay in ‘waiting roomsalong US border: Here’s a closer look

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On a flight into Mexico, troopers showed hundreds of makeshift camps along the border. According to Texas DPS, tents have housed migrants waiting for Title 42 to end before crossing the border. Titolo 42, launched by ...

Afghan citizens who helped US now waiting in limbo for visa approval months after evacuating

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"We are actively processing visa applications for Afghans seeking to come to the United States, including by assisting Afghans who qualify for SIVs because they were employed by or on behalf of the U.S. government or...

Meet Caroline Harris, the 28-year-old conservative who isn’t waiting to run for the Texas legislature

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Shortly after graduating college, Harris joined then-state Rep. Bryan Hughes as a legislative aide, before becoming his policy director after his election to the Texas State Senate. When State Rep. James Talarico (D)...

Girl shot while waiting for Easter Bunny after shop owner opens fire on shoplifters

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A shoe store owner aiming at would-be shoplifters opened fire in a California mall but struck a 9-year-old girl waiting in line to see the Easter Bunny, ha detto la polizia. The child was flown to Loma Linda Medical Center ...

NASCAR’s Richard Childress donated ammunition to Ukraine, 1 million rounds now waiting at border

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Childress, who is a member of the Ammo Inc. board of directors, announced in early March plans to send 7.62 rounds to help the country defend against the Russian invasion. "We just had to help. I heard the president ...

Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte. Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte 60 Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte

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Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte, Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte 60 Gli ucraini stanno fuggendo a frotte. ...

An 8-year-old boy snuck a book he wrote on a library shelf. Ci sono più di 100 people waiting to check it out

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An imaginative boy who loves comic books now has a graphic novel of his own on the shelves of his local library. Dillon Helbig, 8, wrote a Christmas book and snuck it into the library's stacks in Boise, Idaho, il suo ...

California ‘PotholeGate Vigilantesmake repairs themselves instead of waiting for city

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Il "PotholeGate Vigilantes" have patched around 130 potholes in Vallejo as of Tuesday and have raised more than $ 7,000 via a GoFundMe page to purchase asphalt and other repair materials. "It's gotten to where it'...

Dopo 78 years of waiting, this 97-year-old WWII veteran finally got his high school diploma

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One high school in Tacoma, Washington, recently honored a former student who wasn't able to get his diploma 78 anni fa. Ernie Reda is not only a World War II veteran, but now an alumnus of Stadium High School, whi ...

Michelle Obama may be an ‘Oprah in waiting,’ Raymond Arroyo says

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"Michelle Obama showed up on ‘Rachael Ray’ this week, looking very much like a daytime talk-show host," Arroyo reported during the weekly "Friday Follies" segment of "L'angolo di Ingraham." Arroyo then played a video c...

Won’t-run-if-Trump-runs question leads to waiting game for likely 2024 candidati

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Donald Trump's wait-and-see approach to the 2024 election has frozen the next Republican presidential primary before it's even begun. As each rumored 2024 candidate navigates the uncertainty of another Trump bid --...