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LEEF OPDATE: Protests continue across US in wake of police shootings

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Wright was allegedly shot and killed Sunday by Brooklyn Center police officer who has since resigned and been arrested and charged in the death. Demonstrators have taken to the streets near the Brooklyn Center polic...

Bowling Green State University expels fraternity for hazing in wake of student’s death

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The Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity chapter at Ohio's Bowling Green State University has been permanently expelled from campus for hazing violations in the wake of a student's death, university spokesperson Alex Solis ann...

Investigations into Cuomo heat up as new controversies arise in their wake

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After stiff-arming calls for his resignation from leading state Democratic lawmakers, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is staking his political fate on the outcome of a pair of independent investigations into allegations ...

Police in England and Wales to record misogyny as a hate crime in wake of Sarah Everard murder

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London Police in England and Wales are set to record misogyny as a hate crime on an experimental basis from this autumn, a government minister has said, as the UK faces a reckoning on violence against women. Susan W...

A Texas grocery store’s apparent act of kindness sets off a chain reaction of positivity in the wake of the deadly storm

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When Tim and Deb Hennessy decided to go on a grocery run during last month's deadly winter storm in Texas, they had no idea the generosity they were in for. Tim Hennessy told CNN he immediately regretted the trip wh...

VN-ambassadeur Linda Thomas-Greenfield: Kongres’ werk na aanleiding van die oproer van Capitol ‘toon aan dat ons demokrasie veerkragtig is’

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Die Amerikaanse ambassadeur by die Verenigde Nasies, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, het Maandag gesê dat die Kongres se werk in die onmiddellike nasleep van die Amerikaanse Capitol-opstand aan haar bevestig het dat die Amerikaanse demokrasie die Januarie oorleef het. 6 by...

Biden to travel to Houston on Friday in the wake of extreme weather and power outages

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President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden will travel to Houston on Friday as the state works to recover from major winter storms and power outages. "The President will meet with local leaders to discuss the win...

Biden sê hy kan volgende week na Texas reis na verwoestende storms

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President Joe Biden het Vrydag gesê dat hy van plan is om na Texas te reis, maar wil nie 'n presidensiële reis hê om 'n staat wat met 'n uiterste weerkrisis worstel, ekstra spanning te plaas nie.. "Die antwoord is ja," Biden ...

Sarah Jessica Parker, Miley Cyrus and more show support for Britney Spears in wake of new documentary

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Celebrities began vocalizing their support for Britney Spears following a new documentary that aired on Friday. The documentary is produced by The New York Times and is called "Framing Britney Spears." It follows Sp...

Adjunk-gesondheidskommissaris bedank na aanleiding van 'Philly Fighting COVID’ toetsing en entstowwe

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Philadelphia se waarnemende adjunk-kommissaris vir gesondheid het bedank, dae na die mislukte vennootskap van die stad met die organisasie Philly Fighting COVID (PFC) aan die lig gekom. Die stad het Dinsdag te midde van die verslag bande met PFC gesny..

Elaine Chao resigns as transportation secretary in wake of riot

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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao is resigning, a White House official and a person familiar with the situation tell CNN. She's the first Cabinet member to leave in wake of President Donald Trump's response to a...

Voormalige polisiehoof in Atlanta, wat die polisie in die Louisville-metropolisie sou lei na die dood van Breonna Taylor

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Voormalige polisiehoof in Atlanta, Erika Shields, wat uitgetree het nadat 'n beampte 'n man doodgeskiet het na 'n stryd in 'n Wendy-parkeerterrein, sal nou die Louisville Metropolisie-afdeling lei, wat nog steeds is ...

Rondom 20 DHS intelligence reports recalled in the wake of Portland controversy

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Rondom 20 Department of Homeland Security open source intelligence reports were recalled in the aftermath of revelations this summer that the department had potentially collected and disseminated intelligence on US ...