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‘Hot girl walk– the TikTok trend boosting moods and fitness

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The social media trend was created by a USC student named Mia Lind who is also known on TikTok as @exactlyliketheothergirls. She explained on her TikTok post that the "hot girl walk" involves walking 2-4 miles a day ...

Judge Jeanine has a message for New York City Mayor Eric Adams: Start walking the walk

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NYC MAYOR'S SISTER DIALS 911 OVER POTENTIAL SHOOTING; ADAMS DECRIES ‘LAUGHINGSTOCK’ CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM JUDGE JEANINE: I've gone to several black-tie things in New York City. Every one that I've gone to, [Eric Ad...

Pelosi, Senate Dems weigh in on DHS memo, slow walk of House bill to protect justices

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Speaking to Fox News on Thursday, Huisspreker Nancy Pelosi, D-Kalifornië., seemingly expressed opposition to providing protection for justices and their families, insisting that law enforcement officials should be the o...

Sasha Banks, Naomi walk out of ‘Monday Night Rawover issue with match, maatskappy sê

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WWE said Banks, whose real name is Mercedes Varnado, and Naomi, whose real name Trinity Fatu, walked into the office of WWE head of talent relations John Laurinaitis and placed a suitcase on his desk with their champ...

Kanye West walked out of Kim Kardashian’s ‘SNLmonologue: ‘I would never embarrass him and walk out

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Kim opened up about the moment for the first time in Thursday's episode of "The Kardashians" while having a walk with her sister Khloe Kardashian. "He walked out on ‘SNL’ mid-monologue," Kim explained to Khloe. "I ha...

Angels intentionally walk RangersCorey Seager with bases loaded

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Announcers noted that Seager got the "Barry Bonds treatment" when Angels manager Joe Maddon made the intentional walk call with the bases loaded, just the third time that's happened in the majors since at least 1950....

Before Will Smith Oscars slap, Chris Rock once recalled how he let people ‘walk all over him

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Two months before Will Smith smacked the comedian during Sunday’s Academy Awards, the 57-year-old appeared on "Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade" and discussed being "bullied ridiculously" throughout h...

Francis Ford Coppola thought ‘Godfather’ was going to be ‘a special failure,’ receives Walk of Fame star

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Die "movie brats" troupe member — which includes the likes of "Star Wars" collaborators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, Brian De Palma, Martin Scorsese and John Milius, respectively — received a star on the Hollyw...

Minneapolis teachers set to walk off job Tuesday

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Union members said they could not reach agreement on wages, especially a "living wage" for education support professionals, as well as caps on class sizes and more mental health services for students. "We are going o...

After Ukraine invasion, Amerikaanse. should walk away from nuclear talks with Iran

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This dramatic change in our understanding of Putin means some U.S. policies must also change, specifically in Vienna as world powers try to revive the failed Iran nuclear deal. Die VSA. and its European allies must w...

Benedict Cumberbatch backs Ukraine during Walk of Fame ceremony: ‘There’s more for all of us to do

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Cumberbatch, 45, received the prestigious star with his wife, Sophie Hunter, 43, but he said he was unable to celebrate the momentous occasion without expressing support for Ukrainians across the world fighting for t...

Tiger Woods admits he still has ‘long way to goto play high-level events, walk courses

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Woods, who is still being hampered by a devastating leg injury he suffered in a car crash in Los Angeles last year, told reporters Wednesday he still has a lot of concerns about his health before he could decide to r...

New Yorkers scared to walk the streets, expect ‘absolutely nothingfrom Biden’s visit with the mayor

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Biden will travel to New York City Thursday to discuss a "comprehensive strategy to combat gun crime" with Mayor Eric Adams. The president’s trip comes after thousands of police officers from across the nation travel...

Biden waarsku Rusland teen 'vinnige en ernstige gevolge'’ as hulle ‘wegloop’ van diplomasie en aanval Oekraïne

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Tydens 'n vergadering van die Verenigde Nasies se Veiligheidsraad Maandag om die voortslepende Rusland-Oekraïne situasie aan te spreek, die Verenigde State "die volle aard van Rusland se bedreiging vir die Oekraïne se soewereiniteit en t..

Ma van vermoorde weermag-veteraan voel 'gepynig'’ aangesien liberale borgtoghervorming beskuldigde moordenaar toelaat om vry te loop

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"Dit is 'n belediging. Dit is 'n gruweldaad. Dit is 'n skande," Brame vertel "jakkals & Vriende eers" gasheer Todd Piro. DIE REPUBLIKAAN, POLISIE-UNIE EIS GOV. HOCHUL BEËINDIG KONTANTLOOS BORGORGTJIE NADAT NOG 'N BEAMPTE IN DIE LYNE VAN Plig geskiet is ...

Slain Army vet’s mother blames bail reform for letting accused murderer walk free

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Correa's mother, Madeline Brame, blames progressive politicians for rewarding her son's alleged killer. "They attacked my son that he didn't know, nor had he done them any harm. And he was butchered to death," she sa...

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