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New York governor signs bill to repeal ‘walking while trans’ verbod

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New York New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill Tuesday repealing a controversial statute commonly known as the "walking while trans" verbod. Both houses of the New York Legislature voted Tuesday to pass the bill that...

A Colorado woman cited after her pet deer gored a woman walking her dog

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A Colorado woman was cited with two misdemeanors for illegally raising a young deer that attacked and gored one of her neighbors, according to state wildlife officials. The buck attacked a woman walking her dog on ...

Sara Blackwood, a transgender woman, was shot and killed while walking home on National Coming Out Day

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Sara Blackwood, a transgender woman, was walking home at night on October 11 when her life was tragically cut short. The 39-year-old was found with a gunshot wound and transported by medics to the hospital, where s...

'Die wandelende dooies’ finale het die Whisperers-hoofstuk afgesluit, begin die begin van die einde

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor "Die wandelende dooies" finale wat Oktober uitgesaai is. 4. "Die wandelende dooies" het uiteindelik een hoofstuk afgesluit in die maande-vertraagde seisoen-finale, wat Sondag uitgesaai is, bied afsluiting vir sommige ...

'Die wandelende dooies: World Beyondstumbles into the world of teen troubles

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With the end of "Die wandelende dooies" now officially on the horizon, efforts to wring additional life out of the franchise have taken on greater significance -- and for AMC, urgency. Tog "Die wandelende dooies: World Beyond...

Pac-12 announces it will play college football this fall, walking back previous vote

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The Pac-12 Conference voted Thursday to return to play college football this fall. Beginning November 6, each team in the Pac-12 will play seven conference-only games, with the championship game scheduled for Decemb...

'Die wandelende dooies’ is coming to an end

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A decision has been made to kill "Die wandelende dooies" flagship series, but the universe will live on. AMC announced on Wednesday that it is bringing the series to an end. The show is set to conclude after an expanded...