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Florida students participate in massive walkout to protest the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ cuenta

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Más que 500 students participated in a massive walkout Monday at Winter Park High School in Orange County, Florida, in protest of the "Don't Say Gay" bill currently being considered by the state Senate, según ...

California high school students stage mass walkout over district’s mask mandate

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Photos and a video shared with Fox News show a throng of maskless students assembled outside Oak Ridge High School in El Dorado Hills, California. Jennifer Yoder, an Oak Ridge parent and an administrator of the Face...

High school students stage a walkout after they say they were forced to attend a Christian revival assembly during school hours

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Samuel Felinton shuffled into his high school auditorium last week for what his teacher told him was a mandatory assembly. Poco sabía, the guest speaker was an evangelical preacher holding a Christian reviva...

Chicago-area high school students stage walkout after principal tells them to mask up for class or leave

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The walkout came after Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge Raylene Grischow issued a temporary restraining order against Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s requirement that masks be worn in schools to prevent the spread o...

Chicago Mayor Lightfoot slams teachersunion for ‘illegal walk-out,’ rejects proposal for remote learning

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As no agreement for a return to in-person instruction has been reached, Lightfoot criticized the Chicago Teacher’s Union during an appearance on NBC’s "Meet The Press" domingo. "Fundamentally what we cannot do is aban...

'El cinco’ criticar al Sindicato de Maestros de Chicago por provocar el caos en las clases de los niños por el COVID: 'Paro ilegal’

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"El Sindicato de Maestros de Chicago está causando caos y pánico por más de 350,000 después de desconectar el aprendizaje en persona [y] miles de familias se fueron luchando después de que el sindicato volviera al aprendizaje remoto porque....

Estudiantes de secundaria de Massachusetts realizan huelga para protestar contra el video racista de un compañero de clase blanco

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Los estudiantes de una escuela secundaria de Massachusetts realizaron una huelga el viernes por la mañana para protestar contra un video racista realizado por un estudiante blanco y para exigir un cambio en el "cultura del racismo" en el distrito escolar, un funcionario de la escuela superior..

Padres de California, los maestros planean una huelga en todo el estado para protestar contra el mandato de vacunación de la escuela

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Las noticias sobre la protesta planeada se han extendido en las redes sociales., con los organizadores sugiriendo que los padres saquen a sus hijos de la escuela y que los maestros y el personal que apoyan la protesta se queden en casa. California se convirtió en t ...

Texas Senate passes GOP-backed election bill weeks after Dem walkout

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Proyecto de ley del senado 1 (SB1) was approved by the state House last week in a vote of 80 a 41, with one Republican in opposition. The state Senate followed Tuesday with a party-line vote of 18 a 13. "Protecting the integrity ...

Pete Hegseth: Texas Democrats’ walkout on GOP-backed election bill a ‘stunt’ to avoid ‘doing their job’

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PETE HEGSETH: This week Texas democrats tried something new. They chartered two private jets, loaded up a case of beer and fled to Washington D.C. Ahora, why did they do that? Because in Texas a minimum amount of lawma...

Gobernador de Texas. Greg Abbott sued by state Dems for vetoing their pay after election bill walkout

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Abbott said those who "quit their job early" should not be paid. Texas Democrats walked off the floor just before midnight on May 31 to deny quorum needed to vote on Senate Bill 7, which would impose a slew of elect...