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‘Twin Peaksactor Walter Olkewicz dead at 72

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Olkewicz's son, screenwriter Zac Olkewicz, confirmed he died on Tuesday at his home in Los Angeles, Calif. to The Hollywood Reporter. Olkewicz suffered health issues for the last two decades. He underwent multiple kn...

Un juez se negó a anular la sentencia federal del ex oficial Michael Slager en el fatal tiroteo de Walter Scott

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Un juez federal se negó el lunes a anular la sentencia de prisión de un ex oficial de policía de Carolina del Sur que mató a tiros a un hombre negro desarmado por la espalda en 2015. El juez denegó una moción en la que el ex North Ch ...

El primer examen físico anual de Biden como presidente será en Walter Reed el viernes

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El presidente Joe Biden se someterá a su examen físico anual de rutina el viernes en el Centro Médico Walter Reed. -- su primer examen físico en el cargo como el presidente de primer término más antiguo en la historia de los EE. UU.. "Más tarde esta mañana, el presidente.

Donald Trump’s Walter Reed drive-by reveals his true nature

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Donald Trump's unannounced -- and wildly unnecessary -- drive-by of his supporters outside Walter Reed medical center on Sunday night aptly summed up his presidency to date: An entirely self-focused political (and P...

Esquivando sus tiros: El denunciante de Walter Reed quiere que los militares den un paso al frente

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"He tenido todo tipo de vacunas," dijo Eggleston, que sirvió en Bagdad con el 107 de Caballería en 2003, 2004 y 2005. "Definitivamente no estaba tratando de morir por pura estupidez por no disparar. Estaba entre los origi ...

Hollywood screenwriter Walter Bernstein dies at 101

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Walter Bernstein, the Oscar and Emmy-nominated screenwriter, passed away at his home in Manhattan on Saturday at the age of 101, his widow, Gloria Loomis, le dijo a CNN. He died of pneumonia, Loomis said. Bernstein was ...

Judge upholds ex-police officer Michael Slager’s 20-year sentence for killing Walter Scott

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Slager had appealed his sentence, saying his lawyer never told him about a plea offer from prosecutors that could have cut years off his eventual prison term for shooting Scott five times in the back. JURY DELIBERATI...

Oscars 2021 omits Naya Rivera, Jessica Walter from ‘In Memoriam’ segmento

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As with most awards shows, the Oscars took a break from issuing trophies to this year’s biggest stars and creatives in film to honor those who died since last year’s show. While key names such as Christopher Plummer,...

The day after 9/11: Ari Fleischer recalls heartbreaking message Walter Reed physician had for President Bush

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As one of former President George W. Bush's right hand aides, Fleischer had one of the most unique perspectives of what transpired in the hours after the 9/11 ataques terroristas. He's shared those remembrances every year...

US Rep. Glenn Thompson released from Walter Reed following Covid-19 diagnosis

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Washington, DC Rep. Glenn Thompson was released from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday evening following his positive Covid-19 diagnosis. The Pennsylvania Republican, quien esta vacunado, "has ret...

US Rep. Glenn Thompson tests positive for Covid-19 and is being treated at Walter Reed hospital

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Reps. Glenn Thompson has tested positive for Covid-19, according to a statement released on Twitter, and is being treated at Walter Reed "out of an abundance of caution." The statement notes that the Pennsylvania Re...

Walter Kirn: Mainstream view of Middle America has become ‘simplistic and hostile

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Kirn, author of several books including "Up in the Air" which was made into an award-winning film starring George Clooney, told host Tucker Carlson that his job has taken him tens of thousands of miles around the cou...

Walter McCarty, ex-Evansville basketball coach, accused of sexual assault; denies ‘totally fabricated story

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La mujer, only identified as Jane Doe, was described as a former Evansville athletic trainer, and she alleged in the suit she received inappropriate messages from McCarty on social media and text and felt pressured ...

Walter Mondale was much funnier than his stoic image

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Joe Lockhart is a CNN political analyst. He was the White House press secretary from 1998 a 2000 in President Bill Clinton's administration. He cohosts the podcast "Words Matter." The opinions expressed in this comm...

Walter Smith: Former Rangers manager dies at the age of 73

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Walter Smith, who guided Scottish club Rangers to 10 league titles, ha muerto a la edad de 73. The Scottish Football Association described Smith as "one of the most successful managers in Scottish football history,"...