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Michael Waltz: Biden’s ‘anemiceconomic recovery looks like repeat of Obama years

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US ECONOMY ADDS 194,000 JOBS IN SEPTEMBER, MISSING ESTIMATES MICHAEL WALTZ: I think what we are going to see is a repeat of the Obama years where we have this long, lento, anemic kind of flat recovery. I can tell you,...

Reps. Waltz torches Biden over ‘Grand Canyon-sized gulfwith military commanders

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His remarks come after top generals, Mark Milley, Kenneth McKenzie, and Lloyd Austin testified on Capitol Hill, contradicting the commander-in-chief, over the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan. "I've never seen a Gra...

Sending drones thousands of miles away without proper intelligence isn’t good enough: Reps. Vals

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Teniente. Gen. Keith Kellogg and Congressman Michael Waltz, R-Fl. appeared to discuss what they felt was a "rush-to-judgment" action by the Biden administration after a suicide bomb killed 13 NOSOTROS. miembros del servicio "When you...

Biden’s ‘reckless withdrawal’ from Afghanistan sets up ‘path to another 9/11’: Reps. Vals

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Vals, R-Fla., the first Green Beret to serve in Congress, dijo "Futuros del domingo por la mañana" anchor Maria Bartiromo that the Biden administration’s "reckless" pullout will result in the next generation of Americans retur...

Reps. Waltz rips Biden: ‘The evacuation’s not over, señor. presidente’

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TALIBAN IS ‘HUNTING AMERICANS,' SAYS CALIFORNIA MOM-TO-BE LEFT BEHIND IN AFGHANISTAN MIKE WALTZ: Bien, the evacuation's not over, señor. presidente. There are still Americans, SIV holders, and green card holders stuck th...

Reps. Waltz on ‘Faulkner Focus’: Looming hostage crisis could make Iran in 1979 ‘look like a sleepover’

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"We’re on the cusp of having the biggest mass hostage situation in American history," said Florida Congressman Michael Waltz. "It’s gonna make 1979 in Tehran look like a sleepover." Vals, the first Green Beret elect...

Reps. Vals, primer boina verde en el congreso, dice la Casa Blanca de Biden "desorientado o desalmado’

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Vals, que representa a Daytona Beach y Palm Coast, dijo "Reporte especial" the White House is either engaging in narrative "girar" o está mintiendo sobre la verdadera situación sobre el terreno en Kabul, where Defense Secretary Ll...

Taliban-bred terrorism will spread to US, Reps. Mike Waltz says: ‘Shameful and humiliating

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Vals, a former Green Beret, warned that the Taliban will breed terrorism that will eventually make it to the U.S. He also called for the American peace envoy to Afghanistan to resign and criticized President Biden’s...

Reps. Waltz slams Biden for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan while Navy veteran remains Taliban hostage

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Vals, who is a member of the House Armed Services Committee and is a Green Beret veteran of the war in Afghanistan, stressed that he's growing more concerned about Frerichs being left behind as the U.S. moves to wit...

Reps. Mike Waltz demands the International Olympics Committee move the Beijing games

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MIKE WALTZ: Bien, primero, Brian, I want to be clear that we have been asking the IOC to move the games out of Beijing for a couple of years. They have had plenty of time to do. So now that we are just months away, Carné de identidad...

Reps. Mike Waltz: Teoría racial militar y crítica: es por eso que no deberíamos enseñar a los soldados a odiarnos

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Con todo esto en mente, También le enseñaron en un curso financiado por el gobierno que las instituciones a las que sirve y que su unidad juró defender, son inherentemente racistas, y esa desigualdad inherente basada en la piel ...

Reps. Waltz ‘fearsfor women, intérpretes, allies in Afghanistan following US troop withdrawal

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Reps. Michael Waltz: On Bagram Air Base, this policy is just asinine. It doesn't make sense. This one airbase, if you look at where it's located from that base are drones and Special Forces can go after half the world...

Representante GOP. Waltz lucha contra Pelosi por el cambio de nombre de "Squad"’ el "caucus de Hamas’

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Waltz dijo que Pelosi estaba "postergación" que los miembros progresistas de su partido defendían el terrorismo, siguiendo los comentarios hechos la semana pasada por el representante. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., que parecía comparar los EE. UU.. e Israel a Hama..

Reps. Waltz se suma a la censura contra Omar y 'The Squad'; cambia el nombre de los legisladores de extrema izquierda "The Hamas Caucus’

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VALS: Bien, la estamos censurando a ella y al escuadrón, les cambiamos el nombre de "Hamas Caucus" porque esto no es algo único, esta es una serie de declaraciones. Les recordaré a todos que la Sra.. Omar fue censurado formalmente en 2019, th ...

Reps. Waltz slams Biden for appeasing Russia and China: ‘Our adversaries smell weakness in the White House’

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MICHAEL WALTZ: In his first days in office he [Biden] canceled the [Piedra clave] tubería, Russian backed hackers attacked our biggest pipeline in Colonial after he canceled Keystone and now we are just going to let the...

Rep Waltz: Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal ‘breaks my heart’, ‘worsethan Obama leaving Iraq

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VALS: This announcement breaks my heart. Nobody wants the troops to come home more than those of us that have had to sacrifice so much. But the last thing I want to see is another 9/11. The best way that I think to ...

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