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A search for biological relatives leads an adopted woman to the FBI’s most wanted list

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Kathy Gillcrist knew she was adopted, but what she didn't know is that a search for her birth parents would lead her to the FBI's most wanted list. Gillcrist, 63, told CNN affiliate WECT that she took a home DNA te...

He adopted a dog that no one else wanted. It ended up saving his life

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Vuoi più ispirazione, notizie positive? Iscriviti a The Good Stuff, una newsletter per il bene della vita. Illuminerà la tua casella di posta ogni sabato mattina. They say a dog is a man's best friend. For one New Jersey ma...

Minneapolis voleva assumere influencer dei social media per aiutare con il messaggio della città durante il processo di Derek Chauvin

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Minneapolis aveva lanciato un piano per assumere sei influencer dei social media per aiutare a condividere le informazioni durante l'imminente processo per omicidio di Derek Chauvin, l'ex poliziotto accusato della morte di George Floyd. Ma th ...

I federali indagano se i rivoltosi del Campidoglio volessero prendere ostaggi

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Le autorità federali stanno lavorando per determinare il livello di pianificazione e coordinamento tra gli insorti, compresi i membri delle forze dell'ordine e dei militari, che ha effettuato l'attacco la scorsa settimana al Campidoglio degli Stati Uniti, l ...

Putin says if Russia wanted to kill opposition leader Navalny, it would have ‘finishedthe job

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Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed Thursday that opposition politician Alexey Navalny "is enjoying the support of the US special services," adding that if Russian special services had wanted to kill him ...

Protesters wanted change but Lebanon’s elite picks veteran Saad Hariri to lead crisis-wracked country

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Beirut, Lebanon Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who was toppled in a popular uprising nearly one year ago, has been tasked with forming the country's next government. He faces the grueling task of formi...

The Wanted singer Tom Parker reveals he has inoperable brain tumor

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London Tom Parker, a British singer who spent five years as part of the popular boy band The Wanted, has revealed he has an inoperable brain tumor. The 32-year-old told fans he has a grade four glioblastoma tumor and...

A teacher with terminal cancer wanted to repaint his house for his wife. A dozen people came to help

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Tim Gjoraas' life has rapidly changed over the past year and a half since he was diagnosed with colon cancer. The 45-year-old teacher from Sioux Falls, Sud Dakota, started chemotherapy treatments when he was diag...

Wanted: People who want to get paid to taste cheeseburgers

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For burger lovers out there, a dream job has opened up: getting paid to eat cheeseburgers. In honor of National Cheeseburger Day on Friday, BonusFinder, a casino review portal, has announced it will pay $ 500 to so...