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US Afghanistan aid going directly to Taliban, nonprofits warn

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The funds, over $ 308 million in all, "are not going to go in the hands of the average Afghan, it is going to go in the hand of the Taliban for food supply," Sean Kilbrane, the programs manager for Save Our Allies, ...

Psychologists warn against believing TikTok videos on how to self-diagnose mental disorders

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Psychologists and mental health professionals are ringing alarm bells to warn that these user-created videos should not be taken as a diagnosis. "People can easily be convinced that they have a rare disorder based on...

Ex-MSNBC host Chris Matthews irks liberals by declaring ‘I tried to warn we were headed too far left’

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"I want Hardball fans to know how I appreciate your faith in me. 2022 could be a great time to show what we’ve learned. I tried to warn we were headed too far left," Matthews tweeted. 

Scientists warn a critical ice shelf in Antarctica could shatter within the next five years

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As the rapidly heating planet alters the landscape of the Arctic region up north, scientists have discovered disturbing and alarming signs at the southern end of the planet, particularly in one of the ice shelves sa...

Biden vaccine mandate for truckers crossing border will worsen supply chain crisis, GOP senators warn

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Twelve senators, led by Montana Sen. Steve Daines, are warning the president that the proposed vaccine mandate would hinder the transportation of goods across the U.S.-Canada border and exacerbate the ongoing supply ...

‘No one with power is listening:’ Activists warn redistricting moves in the South threaten Black political power

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Nicole Love Hendrickson made Georgia history last year, becoming the first Black woman elected chair of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners. But under a bill that a Republican legislator has pledged to advanc...

‘Collaborating with the mullahs’: Iranian dissidents warn US not to return to the nuclear deal

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"My message to President Biden, it is that the regime of Iran does not represent the people of Iran," said Ali, an Iranian activist who, like the others, warns of the consequences of the U.S. dropping sanctions again...

Taiwan scrambles air force fighters to warn off 27 Chinese jets in buffer zone

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China has repeatedly deployed aircraft into the area as part of "grey zone" warfare with the island country. Taiwanese officials fear that China executes these maneuvers to test Taiwan’s response and wear out its for...

NJ liquor store owners warn supply chain crisis may hamper the holiday spirit

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"Champagne is our biggest issue," said Andrea Maranca, a co-owner of Tewksbury Fine Wine & Spirits. "Shortages are crazy and so we’re buying as much champagne as we can so that we can continue to fill our shelves...

Republicans warn ATF taking ‘giant leap toward a federal firearm registry’

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Republican Rep. Michael Cloud of Texas led 51 of his colleagues in a letter to acting ATF Director Marvin Richardson on Monday, expressing their concern over a proposed rule by the agency that Republicans fear could ...

Young progressives warn that Democrats could have a youth voter problem in 2022

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With less than one year until the 2022 midterm elections, young voters -- who turned out in high numbers for President Joe Biden in 2020 -- warn that if the Biden administration and congressional Democrats don't act...

Police warn parents to check their children’s candy after a sewing needle is found in a Kit Kat bar

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Police in Ohio say they're disturbed after two sewing needles were found in Halloween candy. The candy was found to be tampered with after a citywide trick-or-treat Saturday night, Fostoria Police said in a statemen...

Liberal justices warn that guns, same-sex marriage and religious rights could face limits if Texas wins abortion case

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Justice Sonia Sotomayor warned that constitutional rights enshrined in Supreme Court decisions concerning gun rights, same-sex marriage, birth control and other contentious issues could be open to attack depending o...

McAuliffe, Abrams warn Virginians that commonwealth could look like Texas, Georgia with Youngkin win

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Charlottesville, Virginia Stacey Abrams had a message for Democrats in Virginia on Sunday: If Republicans win on November 2, the commonwealth will begin looking a lot more like Georgia or Texas, two states that have ...

Biden will ‘ruin Christmas’ if supply chain crisis isn’t immediately addressed, Republicans warn

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In an internal memo to Republican Study Committee members, Chairman Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ohio, said he wants to make sure his party explains why the season of giving may be scant this year.  HOUSE GOP LEADERSHIP, 160 ME...

GOP lawmakers warn ‘unconstitutional’ Biden asylum rule will fuel migrant surges at the border

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"The proposed rule represents a blatant violation of the laws passed by Congress," 68 congressional Republicans led by Sens. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., Mike Lee, R-Utah and Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., say in a public comment...