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Lincoln police officer Mario Herrera dies nearly two weeks after being shot while serving a warrant

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A Lincoln, Nebraska, police officer died early Monday, nearly two weeks after he was shot while trying to serve a warrant, het die polisie gesê. Investigator Mario Herrera, a 23-year veteran of the Lincoln Pol...

Irakse regter reik arrestasiebevel vir Donald Trump uit

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'N Regter in die ondersoekhof van Bagdad het 'n lasbrief vir die uittredende Amerikaanse president Donald Trump uitgereik, oor die moord op 'n Irakse paramilitêre leier tydens die sluipmoord op die Iranse generaal Qasem Soleim ...

FBI-prokureur van Rusland-ondersoek tot proeftydperk gevonnis vir Carter Page FISA lasbrief vals verklaring

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Voormalige FBI-prokureur Kevin Clinesmith sal nie tronkstraf uitdien vir die verandering van 'n dokument wat 'n toesiglasbrief van voormalige Trump-assosieerde Carter Page tydens die vroeë Rusland-ondersoek ondersteun het nie, 'n federale regter-beslissing ...

Judge in Kyle Rittenhouse case denies motions for new arrest warrant, increased bond

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Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old accused of fatally shooting two men and wounding a third during protests in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last August will remain out on bail, a judge in Wisconsin ruled Thursday. Prosecutors...

New Haven, Connecticut, polisie beveilig arrestasiebevel vir verdagte in die moord op Yale-student

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Polisie in New Haven, Connecticut, sê hulle het 'n arrestasiebevel verkry wat die MIT-student Qinxuan Pan van moord aangekla het in die noodlottige skietery op Kevin Jiang-student, Yale-universiteit, vroeër vandeesmaand. Pan weer ...

Investigators in Kristin Smart case serve search warrant at the home of the prime suspect’s father

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Investigators in the case of Kristin Smart, the college student missing since 1996, served a search warrant at the home of the prime suspect's father, het amptenare Maandag gesê. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Offi...

Seahawks’ Aldon Smith turns himself in after police issue warrant for his arrest over alleged battery: verslag doen

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Smith, who recently signed with the Seahawks after playing the 2020 season with the Dallas Cowboys, surrendered to authorities Tuesday evening where he was booked on a battery charge and release just two hours later,...

Man in North Carolina fatally shot while deputies served warrant, sê owerhede

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A man was fatally shot while deputies were serving a warrant Wednesday morning in the North Carolina community of Elizabeth City, the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office said. Die man, who was the subject of a searc...

Clues on ex-NFL player Phillip Adamsmental state revealed after search warrant

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The York County Sheriff’s Office on Friday released court documents about the April 7 shooting where officials detailed evidence collected from the crime scene that led them back to Adams’ residence. PHILLIP ADAMS' B...

Andrew Brown Jr. search warrant: Drug deals captured on camera weeks before fatal police shooting

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Brown's family and their attorneys entered the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Monday afternoon to be privately shown the body camera footage of the shooting – following a two-hour delay that Pasquotank County Att...

Kentucky attorney general forms task force to review state’s search warrant process

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The Kentucky Attorney General has announced the 18 members of a task force to review how search warrants are executed and if any improvements should be made, according to a news release from the attorney general's o...

Die polisie van Chula Vista dien nog 'n lasbrief by Maya Millete se huis uit 4 maande nadat sy vermis geraak het

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'N Groot span beamptes met kadawerhonde lyk Vrydagmiddag na die huis, volgens Maya se gesinsadvokaat, Billy Little. Die polisie het 'n lasbrief by Maya Millete se huis uitgedien..

Supreme Court sides with man who said police illegally seized firearms from his home without a warrant

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Washington The Supreme Court on Monday wiped away a lower court decision that held that law enforcement could enter a Rhode Island man's home and seize his firearms without a warrant after his wife expressed fear tha...

Rapper Pooh Shiesty arrested in Miami on felony battery warrant over strip club shooting

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A warrant by the Miami-Dade Police Department was issued for Shiesty – whose real name is Lontrell Dennell Williams – for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, which is a felony. According to a police report obtai...

Former ‘Predator’ host Chris Hansen turns himself in on warrant, resolves video issue after skipping court

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The 61-year-old reported to the Shiawassee County jail in Corunna – some 65 miles northwest of Detroit – and was released after being warned that he has 14 days to produce the full video of the sting, prosecutor Scot...

Chris Hansen addresses bench warrant, ‘miscommunicationwith ‘Predatorsting footage: It’s ‘silliness

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The incident occurred after Hansen was accused of not providing footage of an investigation – a police sting involving a former corrections officer who was allegedly caught trying to have sex with a 14-year-old girl ...

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