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Rita Moreno says she dated Elvis Presley to make cheater Marlon Brando jealous: He ‘was sweet but boring’

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수요일에, the Oscar winner appeared on "보기" where she was asked by co-host Joy Behar about the actor "constantly" cheating on her during their 8-year relationship. Moreno and Brando first met when she was 2...

앨 고어는 '남자였다'’ 그의 선거 패배에 대해, 트럼프와 달리, 연방 판사는 말한다

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연방 판사가 월요일 도널드 트럼프 전 대통령에 대해 선거 기간 동안 유권자 사기에 대해 거짓말을 한 혐의를 받았습니다. 2020 대통령 선거, 앨 고어 전 부통령이 도전할 수 있는 입장이 더 낫다고...

'섹스 앤 더 시티’ 작가 Candace Bushnell은 HBO 쇼가 '별로 페미니스트가 아니었다'고 말했습니다.: '예능이다.’

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작가의 원우먼 쇼, "도시에 아직도 섹스가 있습니까??" 11월 대릴 로스 극장에서 시사회 시작 13 — 그리고 윙윙 거리다 "섹스 앤 더 시티" 계속, "그리고 그냥 그렇게 . . ." HBO Max 주간 출시 ...

Former teacher tells Tucker he ‘was separatedfrom school after objecting to CRT, split Zoom sessions by race

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Paul Rossi detailed that during the coronavirus pandemic, the school allegedly held two separate Zoom sessions for a particular curriculum — one for "white-identifying students" and another for "people-of-color-ident...

Tom Cruise ‘was really adamantVal Kilmer appear in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’

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다시 1986, the Hollywood icon starred as Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in "탑 건" alongside Val Kilmer, who played his rival, 톰 "Iceman" Kazansky. The two played students at an elite Naval aviation school. Both act...

라우던, 버지니아 교사는 사임에 대해 후회하지 않습니다: 나는 톱니바퀴였다’ 비판적 인종 이론 '기계’

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"포기하고 남겨둔 것들에 대해 너무 슬퍼, 하지만 후회는 단어가 아닙니다 ... 나는 내가 한 일을 후회하지 않습니다," Morris는 Fox News 특파원 Anita Vogel과의 인터뷰에서 말했습니다.. "후회안해...

Cannabis-induced psychosis: Amid push for legalization, sister says brother ‘was lost to us for a decade’

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"When our lawmakers talk about legalizing marijuana, they talk about it like it's chamomile tea and that it has no side effects and there's no downside to using and it," Heidi Swan, a board member for Parents Opposed...

전 Nickelodeon 스타 Jennette McCurdy는 늦은 엄마가 '나에게 거식증을 소개한 사람이었습니다.’

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"엄마는 나에게 거식증을 알려준 사람이었다., 사실은," 맥커디, 29, 공유 화요일. McCurdy의 엄마는 2013 암과의 17년 투병 끝에, 허프포스트에 따르면. "가슴에 덩어리가 생겼어요...

Counting Crows의 프론트맨 Adam Duritz는 Jennifer Aniston과의 데이트를 회상합니다.: 나는 그녀가 누구인지 전혀 몰랐다’

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Duritz는 Vice의 모습을 살짝 엿보는 동안 Aniston과의 관계에 대해 열었습니다. "90년대 다크사이드." 뮤지션은 Viper Room에서 Aniston을 만났다고 밝혔습니다., 90년대 연예인 핫스팟, 그리고 둘은 짧게 데이트...

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner had ‘a very intense relationshipthat ‘was bound to burn out,’ 친구가 말한다

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주장은 Tony Oppedisano에 의해 만들어졌습니다., who served as a member of the late star’s management team. He also managed mutual friend Don Rickles. 수상 경력에 빛나는 제작자는 최근에 회고록을 썼습니다. "시나트라와 나: ...

Princess Margaret ‘was a deeply Christian woman’ who ‘desperately’ wanted her doomed marriage to work: 저자

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The claim was made by Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, who recently penned a book about the late royal titled "엘리자베스 & 마가렛: The Intimate World of the Windsor Sisters," which explores their fie...

John Legend’s silence on Chrissy Teigen’s scandal puts his brand at risk, 전문가 말한다: ‘Was he OK with it?’

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It was a route brand expert Eric Schiffer tells Fox News he would have advised Legend not to consider if the "목소리" coach were his own client. According to the author and the chairman of Reputation Management Consul...

호랑이’ Casey Mize forced to change glove over its color: Timing was ‘was pretty s—tty, 솔직히’

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While the league’s new guidance for players and umpires is set to go into effect Monday, Mize was forced to change gloves because of the color. Mize said umpire John Tumpane told him to switch out the glove. 클릭하세요 ...

케이트 미들턴은 메건 마클에게 '감독 당하지 않았습니다', 해리 왕자의 주장: 보고서

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미들턴과 그녀의 동료 왕족들은 해리 왕자와 메건 마클의 오프라 윈프리와의 폭발적인 인터뷰에 이어 긴장감과 드라마에 휩싸였다..

곰’ Tarik Cohen on death of his brother: ‘What a great man he was

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Cohen’s twin brother, Tyrell, was found dead at a Duke Energy substation in Raleigh. Police said it is believed he died while trying to climb power equipment at the substation. 더 많은 스포츠 범위를 보려면 여기를 클릭하십시오. . ...

Ricky Gervais trolls Academy Awards after roasting Hollywood at 2020 골든 글로브: ‘Was it something I said?’

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The 59-year-old comedian is known for his sharp tongue and wit, which he often employs when hosting award shows like the Golden Globes. 사실로, his name has now become synonymous with his 2020 Golden Globes opening ...

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