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MSNBC guest ‘shockedFlorida surgeon general’s medical license wasn’t revoked: ‘we need to get this man

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"내말은, essentially, he's violating the Hippocratic Oath – which is do no harm. So every time he gets up there at a press conference or a hearing, and says something that is anti-science, he's violating the Hippocra...

조지 소로스를 폭로하다: 조지 소로스를 폭로하다

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조지 소로스를 폭로하다 25, 2020, 조지 소로스를 폭로하다, 조지 소로스를 폭로하다 "조지 소로스를 폭로하다.

그만큼 2020 election wasn’t stolen. But Douglas Frank and his bogus equation claiming otherwise are still winning over audiences.

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Austin Douglas Frank, an Ohio math teacher, affixed his Texas flag print bow tie, led a booming rendition of the National Anthem and then walked a crowd through an absurd mathematical equation that he claimed proves...

Stephen A. Smith after Covid: If I wasn’t vaccinated, ‘I wouldn’t be here

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뉴욕 (CNN 사업)Stephen A. Smith returned to ESPN's "First Take" Monday after a bout with Covid-19, which the commentator said nearly killed him. "저에게는 개인적으로, it hit me differently," 스미스가 말했다. 스미스 ...

Americans see Martin Luther King Jr. as a hero now, but that wasn’t the case during his lifetime

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마틴 루터 킹 주니어. was a civil rights leader and an American hero. Almost every American adult (95%) believes he was an important figure in American history in CBS News polling. But it wasn't always that way. 목 ...

상의를 벗은 안토니오 브라운이 LA에 도착해 Kanye West와 저녁 식사를 하고 있다., 극적인 출구는 '필요하지 않았다’

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브라운은 월요일 밤 웨스트 ​​할리우드의 유명한 레스토랑에서 카니예 웨스트와 함께 저녁 식사를 하러 가던 중 TMZ 스포츠와의 인터뷰에서 나머지 장비를 관중석에 던지기 전에 옷을 벗는 것은 홍보라고 말했습니다..

Los Angeles cop recalls selfless rescue of downed pilot from oncoming train: ‘I wasn’t worried about myself

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LAPD Foothill Division cop Robert Sherock revisited the close call on "여우 & 친구 우선" Tuesday and explained that all he cared about in the moment was the pilot’s safety. "I was just really worried about the...

This Republican senator just admitted the 2020 election wasn’t rigged

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일요일에, South Dakota Republican Sen. Mike Rounds was asked a blunt question by ABC's George Stephanopoulos: "What do you say to all those Republicans, all those veterans who believe the election was stolen, 누구 하...

'이건 빌과 테드의 엑설런트 어드벤처가 아니었어': 판사는 국회 의사당 폭도 쌍을 선고 30 감옥에 갇힌 날들

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지난 1월 미국 국회의사당에 함께 입성한 두 친구 6, 그 중 한 사람은 몰래 침입하여 담배를 피우는 것을 자랑스럽게 여겼습니다., 형을 선고받았다 30 건물에서 불법적으로 행진하기 위해 각각 감옥에서 일. "이건 B가 아니었어...

Bride delivers vows to her new stepson at wedding: ‘He totally wasn’t expecting it

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Vanessa Lynch married her husband Craig on Dec. 11, 2021, but before they said their "I do’s," Lynch made sure to let her soon-to-be stepson know that she’s committing herself to him as well. The emotional moment was...

Kyrie Irving admits he wasn’t prepared for ‘consequencesregarding vaccine status

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The Nets allowed Irving to return with the team, but he immediately went into health and safety protocols. 수요일에, he was back with the team but admitted he was unprepared for the consequences of what his vacci...

Joe Burrow says he wasn’t offended by gold jacket comment, but Bengals QB hints they were on his mind in stunning performance

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If revenge is a dish best served cold, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow delivered a chilling performance in the 41-21 thumping of Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Burrow had an absolute monster day, throwing for...

Bucs’ Bruce Arians wasn’t happy with this Tom Brady play in win over Bills: ‘That’s enough of that s—‘

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With just a minute left in the first quarter, Brady took a hit while running the ball on 3rd and 2 to give the Bucs a first down. The decision to fight for every yard while up 7-0 was an indication of Brady’s anticip...

CNN의 크리스 쿠오모(Chris Cuomo)는 '사실 우선주의'가 전부가 아니었습니다.’ 그는 '거짓말이 먼저다.’

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드디어, CNN은 화요일 저녁에 약간의 조치를 취했지만 하룻밤 더 쇼를 진행하도록 허용한 후에야. 그는 새로운 증거 더미를 평가하는 동안 무기한 정직 처분을 받았습니다.. CNN, 크리스 쿠오모 '인디프...

필라델피아 세븐티식서스(Philadelphia 76ers)의 스타 조엘 엠비드(Joel Embiid)가 코로나19와 싸우고 있다.: '정말 안 될 줄 알았다.’

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필라델피아 세븐티식서스(Philadelphia 76ers)의 스타 조엘 엠비드(Joel Embiid)는 코로나19 양성으로 인해 9경기를 결장한 후 토요일 밤 코트에 돌아왔다. ...

Alec Baldwin의 아내 Hilaria는 '도전적인 해'에 대해 열었습니다.,’ 그녀가 '해낼 수 있을지 확신하지 못했다.’

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힐라리 아, 37, 그녀는 휴일에 온 가족의 사진을 찍지 않았기 때문에 식료품 점에서 두 딸의 비디오를 공유했습니다.. Alec Baldwin은 아내와 함께 사진 작가들과 이야기했습니다., 힐라리...

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