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Maxine Waters snaps at Jim Jordan as COVID hearing with Fauci erupts into shouting match: ‘Shut your mouth’

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Jordan got right to the point, noting that Fauci had recently written that it is not yet the time to cease taking precautionary measures such as social distancing, avoiding gatherings, and wearing face masks. HOUSE R...

US ‘heading into troubled waterswith China, Russia and Iran: Pillsbury

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"The Chinese, in their comments on the Biden administration, say that there are two factions, there's kind of a continuity with President Trump group that wants to be tough or even tougher on China. But there's also ...

Roger Waters and Tom Morello to perform in an online benefit concert for Palestinian musicians in Gaza

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Roger Waters, Tom Morello and Brian Eno will join a host of Palestinian musicians on Saturday for an online benefit concert dubbed, "Live for Gaza." Die gebeurtenis, which starts at 2 nm. EN, will raise funds for Delia A...

‘Winter is vanishingfrom the deep waters of Lake Michigan

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As the globe continues to warm at an astonishing rate due to climate change, winter is shrinking at depths we've never known before, including the Great Lakes. A study conducted by scientists at the National Oceani...

Duisende skilpaaie is uit die ysige waters in Texas gered

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Aangesien die diepvries van Texas verwoesting op die land veroorsaak, seediere ly ook in sy ysige waters. Hierdie week, Seeskilpad, Inc., 'n niewinsorganisasie in Suid-Padre-eiland, gered meer as 2,500 gevaarlike skilpaaie uit nabygeleë waters. Dit is ...

NOAA scientists discover a new species of a gelatinous animal in the waters near Puerto Rico

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Scientists have discovered a new species of ctenophore, or comb jelly, near Puerto Rico. The newly named Duobrachium sparksae was discovered two and a half miles below sea level by the National Oceanic and Atmosphe...

Scott Disick learns he has low testosterone, admits his body has been through ‘some rough waters

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Scott Disick had been getting hit with feelings of exhaustion, and after a blood test he discovered he had low testosterone, he revealed on Thursday's episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians." Eers, the real...