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Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Heat wave to continue as rainfall, flooding expected to soak Gulf Coast, Sud-est

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Wildfire danger will also be elevated through the end of the week. The heat will spread into the Central and Southern Plains through Friday. An area of disturbed weather will likely become a tropical depr...

California residents urged to conserve energy amid heat wave

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The California Independent System Operator issued a Flex Alert for Thursday from 5 p.m. per 10 p.m. to help relieve stress on the grid. It asks Californians to set thermostats to 78 degrees or higher, turn off unneces...

rappresentante. Andy Biggs asks Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to examine corresponding calls to ‘defund’ polizia, crime wave

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Biggs called on Jackson Lee, who chairs the House Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, to schedule a hearing on the matter in a letter signed by all 10 Republicans on the subcommittee, così come ...

I texani hanno esortato a risparmiare energia per tutta la settimana mentre l'ondata di caldo attanaglia l'Occidente

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Il Consiglio per l'affidabilità elettrica del Texas (ERCOT) ha detto lunedì in un comunicato stampa che a "numero significativo di interruzioni della generazione forzata combinate con un potenziale consumo elettrico record" a giugno aveva portato a resulted "griglia stretta...

Doctors warn of pavement burns as record heat wave scorches several states

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As a dangerous heat wave grips much of the western US, doctors say that sidewalks, roads and other surfaces can get hot enough to cause serious burns in a matter of seconds. The Arizona Burn Center - Valleywise Heal...

Atlanta violence: Quasi 60% more murders so far this year amid crime wave

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Ci sono stati 58% più omicidi, o 63, reported so far in 2021, compared to last year’s 40, as of June 5, Atlanta Police Department statistics show. Just earlier this month, a 71-year-old man died after he was att...

NYC, Chicago see another wave of weekend gun violence

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A spokesperson for the New York City Police Department told Fox News that there were at least 16 incidenti di tiro e 5 homicides in the Big Apple just on Friday and Saturday. Secondo il New York Post, quale...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Heat wave not going away yet

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We do have a cold front that will move from the Great Lakes to the Northeast over the next few days that will bring some relief to the region, but for now, temperatures are running 5 per 15 degrees above average. ...

Record-setting heat wave reaches the Northeast this weekend

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More than five million Americans are under heat alerts as a record-breaking heat wave continues to grip the country. The heat wave has dominated the West this week, but it makes its long-awaited arrival in the Nort...

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Heat wave to challenge record temperatures

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Highs into the 90- and 100-degree range will be likely for this region and records will be challenged. The national forecast for Friday, giugno 4. (Fox News)

Previsioni meteorologiche nazionali: Heat wave moving across US

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A few strong storms could also reach the Northeast, but the best chance for storms will be across eastern Virginia northward through Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia. The severe weather threat for Thu...

West’s scorching heat wave to bear down on northern US this weekend

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Temperatures in parts of central California spiked to more than 100 degrees in the days following Memorial Day and Excessive Heat Warnings and Watches and Heat Advisories were issued in the state by the National Weat...

Heat wave pushes east, raising temperatures in major cities this weekend

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While the West has been scorching this week, the heat is on the move. As this heat wave pushes east, più di 160 records could be broken by the end of the week. Heat warnings and advisories extend from the Califo...

India’s economy was starting to recover. Then a second Covid wave hit

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Nuova Delhi (CNN Business)India's economy was turning a corner earlier this year as the country started to accelerate out of the recession it suffered in 2020. But a disastrous surge in Covid-19 cases threatens that pr...

Canada slowly reopens as third wave of the pandemic takes heavy toll on hospitals

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Several Canadian provinces are cautiously announcing reopening plans as the country slowly recovers from a third wave of Covid-19. Dott. Theresa Tam, Canada's chief public health officer, said Tuesday that the infect...

Ingraham: Left ignores wave of anti-Semitic hate crimes

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INGRAHAM: The recent spate of vicious attacks against Jewish Americans shouldn't surprise anyone. Il fatto è, anti-Semitism has been comfortably housed inside the Black Lives Matter movement. And just like attacks a...