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Il preside bianco della scuola cattolica di New York è stato licenziato dopo aver detto a uno studente nero di inginocchiarsi e scusarsi "alla maniera africana"’

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Il preside bianco di una scuola cattolica a Long Island è stato messo in congedo a seguito di rapporti secondo cui il mese scorso uno studente nero si era inginocchiato in scusa, chiamandolo "il modo africano" scusarsi. Il preside ...

Andrew Cuomo’s chances of staying in office just went *way* down

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A coordinated call from the majority of New York's Democratic congressional delegation for Andrew Cuomo to resign in the face of sexual harassment and bullying claims as well as questions surrounding nursing home de...

‘Way behind the curve’: The messaging failures around coronavirus vaccine distribution

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As the world watched the first Briton receive her coronavirus vaccine this week, Operation Warp Speed officials appeared bewildered by questions about whether such a prominent rollout was planned for the first dose ...

Biden told civil rights leaders in private meeting that progressiveshopes for executive actions are ‘way beyond the boundsof his presidential authority

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President-elect Joe Biden expressed skepticism about his powers to implement his agenda by executive action Tuesday in a private virtual meeting with civil rights leaders, according to a recording reported Thursday ...

No Fugging way. Joke-weary Austrian village changes its name

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What's in a name? Si scopre, quite a lot, if you live in the Austrian village of F**king. From January 1, the village will be renamed "Fugging," after local residents grew tired of widespread international attentio...

Stevie Nicks debuts new song ‘Show Them The Way

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Stevie Nicks has released her first new music in six years. Il "Fleetwood Mac" frontwoman debuted the song "Show Them The Way" di venerdì. Nicks said the song started out as a poem in 2008 and that it's "a prayer fo...

Biden: ‘We can’t allow politics to interfere with the vaccine in any way

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Washington Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Wednesday that politics cannot interfere with the development, approval and distribution of a potential Covid-19 vaccine. "Scientific breakthroughs don't car...