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Biden admin intends to move forward with $23B UAE weapons sales

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Washington The Biden administration intends to move forward with $ 23 billion in proposed arms sales to the United Arab Emirates even as it continues its review of pending weapons transfers, a State Department spoke...

Fred Fleitz: Iran will dictate Biden’s surrender on its nuclear weapons program at Vienna meeting

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Biden officials claim that indirect U.S.-Iran nuclear talks scheduled to start Tuesday in Vienna will be an important first step in meeting President Biden’s campaign promise to get the United States back into the 20...

US has assessed North Korea could be preparing to carry out first weapons test since Biden took office

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Washington US intelligence has assessed that North Korea could be preparing to carry out their first weapons test since President Joe Biden came into office, according to several US officials speaking to CNN on condi...

Nuwe satellietbeelde toon dat Noord-Korea onlangse stappe gedoen het om die kernwapenwerf te verberg

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Washington Nuwe satellietbeelde wat CNN verkry het, onthul dat Noord-Korea onlangs stappe gedoen het om 'n fasiliteit te verberg wat Amerikaanse intelligensie-agentskappe glo gebruik word om kernwapens op te berg, 'n skuif wat kan bydra tot die ...

Lawsuit filed after police officers drew weapons on a Black family in a stolen vehicle mix-up

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A woman is suing the city of Aurora, Colorado, after police officers drew guns on her and four minors last year after mistaking her car for one that had been stolen. Brittney Gilliam was taking her 6-year-old daught...

US touts largest ever seizure of Iranian oil and weapons

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Washington The US announced Thursday that it has sold petroleum from its largest-ever seizure of Iranian fuel for more than $ 40 million and will direct most of the proceeds to a fund for the victims of state-sponso...

US seeks to pressure Russia into nuclear weapons treaty concessions before election

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Washington The Trump administration is threatening Russia that they could increase the cost of extending the one remaining nuclear weapons treaty between the two countries if Moscow does not commit to meeting US dema...