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Ketanji Brown Jackson hearing: 5 takeaways from Wednesday

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Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson finished her two days of questioning on Wednesday, having spent some 22 hours this week being grilled by the Senate Judiciary Committee. Though there were plenty of...

Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada",’ Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada"’ reiniciar

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Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada", Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada" "Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada"" Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada", Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada", Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada", Jenna Jameson dice que no está "paralizada".

Ketanji Brown Jackson to meet with top Democratic and Republican senators Wednesday

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Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson will hold meetings with top Democratic and Republican senators on Wednesday, un funcionario de la Casa Blanca le dice a CNN, as the confirmation process for the President's nominee to the Supreme Court...

GOP Senate candidate Laxalt says Sisolak will ‘gaslightNevadans about State of the State in Wednesday speech

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"He's clearly trying to save his re-election," said Laxalt, a Republican who's running to unseat Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, D-Nev. He added that the off-year State of the State is "just like the impromptu lifting o...

Wednesday was a *very* bad day for Donald Trump

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The walls are starting to close in on Donald Trump. Consider what happened just on Wednesday: 1) In a court filing, New York Attorney General Letitia James said that her investigation into the Trump Organization has...

US ambassador to NATO says NATO and Russia ‘committed to dialogueahead of talks Wednesday

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Los Estados Unidos, NATO allies and Russia are all "committed to dialogue" ahead of Wednesday's high-stakes meeting to discuss Russia's military buildup along the Ukrainian border, US Ambassador to NATO Julianne Smit...

Chicago, Sindicato de docentes llega a acuerdo; los estudiantes regresan a las aulas el miércoles

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"Después de un día productivo en la mesa de negociaciones, me complace informar, CTU pondrá fin a su paro laboral," tuiteó el alcalde. "CPS [Escuelas Públicas de Chicago] poner sobre la mesa una gran propuesta que tanto equipo negociador...

NHL to pause season Wednesday and resume after Christmas

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Because of Covid-19 issues, the National Hockey League and NHL Players Association have announced updated plans and now will pause operations leaguewide beginning Wednesday and lasting through Christmas, with team f...

Urban Meyer dejó las instalaciones de los Jaguars el miércoles por la tarde y nunca regresó., el entrenador en jefe interino confirma

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Bevell fue nombrado entrenador interino después de que los Jaguars despidieran a Urban Meyer solo la madrugada del jueves. 13 juegos en la temporada regular. HAGA CLIC AQUÍ PARA OBTENER MÁS COBERTURA DEPORTIVA . El coordinador ofensivo Darrell Bevell de th ...

Números ganadores de la lotería de Texas para el miércoles

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Día de todo o nada 01-02-08-09-10-11-14-16-18-19-20-24 (uno, dos, ocho, nueve, diez, once, catorce, dieciséis, Dieciocho, diecinueve, veinte, veinticuatro) Noche de todo o nada 01-02-03-05-10-11-12-13-16-18-22-2...

Kim Potter trial over Daunte Wright’s death kicks off Wednesday with opening arguments

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Alfarero, 49, had been an officer for 26 years and was working for the Brooklyn Center Police Department on April 11, 2021, when she and other officers, including a trainee, attempted to stop Wright and then tried to a...

Toobin de CNN criticado por su propia vida personal después de decir que el miércoles fue un "desastre".’ para los partidarios del aborto

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"Si crees que las mujeres deben tener derecho, elige el aborto., El argumento de la Corte Suprema de hoy fue un desastre de pared a pared," Toobin tuiteó el miércoles en respuesta a los argumentos de la audiencia de la Corte Suprema en Mississi..

Takeaways from Wednesday at COP26: China and US surprise summit, negotiations heat up, car deal flops

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Glasgow, Scotland Wednesday was big day at the COP26 climate summit, with the first draft of an overarching agreement released. The draft is a sort of a wish list put together by the COP presidency and its final vers...

Queen Elizabeth II visited a hospital Wednesday for ‘preliminary investigations,’ says palace spokesperson

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London Queen Elizabeth II attended hospital on Wednesday afternoon for "some preliminary investigations," a Buckingham Palace spokesperson said in a statement released Thursday. She has since returned to Windsor Cas...

Syrian oil spill spreads across the Mediterranean and could reach Cyprus on Wednesday

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An oil spill that originated from Syria's largest refinery is growing and spreading across the Mediterranean Sea, and could reach the island of Cyprus by Wednesday, Cypriot authorities have said. Syrian officials sa...

Giuliani associate Igor Fruman expected to plead guilty on Wednesday

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New York Igor Fruman, a Rudy Giuliani associate charged in a campaign finance case, is scheduled to plead guilty during an appearance in Manhattan federal court on Wednesday, according to a court filing. Fruman and a...

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