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McConnell calls Barrett ‘exceedingly well-qualifiedand vows Senate floor vote ‘in the weeks ahead

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Washington Top Senate Republicans on Saturday applauded President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to become the next Supreme Court justice and called for a quick confirmation vote. Senate Majority Lead...

California beach closed after Mexico sewage blasts area for weeks: レポート

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The closure of Imperial Beach, located in San Diego County, is said to be in place until testing shows the water is safe, 報告によると. Residents, その間, have reported smelling sewage for weeks. "The ste...

コルツ’ T.Y. Hilton expected to miss multiple weeks with upper body injury: 報告する

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その他のスポーツ報道については、ここをクリックしてください . The Colts also had other significant injuries to key players on their team. Starting quarterback Carson Wentz and All-Pro guard Quenton Nelson both had foot injuries, and could p...

マイアミの警察官は、支出後にCOVID-19から回復します 11 ICUでの数週間

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温かい再会—役員の驚いたことに—彼は目に見えて感情的になりました. "十分に感謝できません," マイアミビーチ警察官J.Cは言った. サンペドロ, 酸素補給装置を着用している人. "あなたのプラ...

A sedentary Covid-19 lockdown can impact health in just 2 週

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この解説で表現されている見解は、作家の見解のみです。. CNNはTheConversationの作品を紹介しています, ニュース分析と解説を提供するためのジャーナリストと学者の間のコラボレーション. c.。.

ニューヨーク市は予備選挙でランク付けされた選択肢の投票を使用しています. 結果が出るまでに数週間かかる可能性があるのはこのためです

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Democrats running for New York City mayor will square off in a crucial debate Wednesday night, but they won't just be trying to convince voters that they're the best candidate for the job -- being someone's second, ...


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あきらめた後 41 サンフランシスコフォーティナイナーズのシーズン開幕戦でのポイント, ライオンズは許可しました 35 月曜日の夜に18ポイントの損失で. アトランタファルコンズのみ (80) 最初の2つのゲームでより多くのポイントを許可しました。.

ジョージア州の母親が重罪謀殺で逮捕された 2 5歳の娘の殺害容疑者から数週間後

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今月上旬, ラッセル郡, アラバマの代理人がジェレミー・トレメイン・ウィリアムズを逮捕した, 37, カマリー・ホランドの死に関連した殺人容疑で. 少女の母親, 35-1歳のクリスティ・サイプル, これ...

Lincoln police officer Mario Herrera dies nearly two weeks after being shot while serving a warrant

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A Lincoln, ネブラスカ, police officer died early Monday, nearly two weeks after he was shot while trying to serve a warrant, 警察は言った. Investigator Mario Herrera, a 23-year veteran of the Lincoln Pol...

In Jackson, ミシシッピ, some residents have been without water going on two weeks

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Many residents of Jackson, ミシシッピ, have been without water since a winter storm hit the area in February. And many are still not sure when it will return. The storm, which also affected Texas and Louisiana, cau...

メーガン・マークル, Prince Harry’s daughter missing from the royal line of succession weeks after birth

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Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor was born on June 4, and should be eighth in line to the throne. But the child's name – a tribute to both Queen Elizabeth and Harry's late mother, Diana – has not yet been added to th...

A perfect example of the difficulties of NFL short weeks

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It's difficult enough to prepare for a Sunday game when you have key injuries, particularly at quarterback. And when both teams are uncertain about their quarterback situation, 上手, it doesn't make for the best bran...

Mother of teacher who died of Covid-19 dies from it weeks later

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The mother of a South Carolina teacher who died from Covid-19 earlier this month has died after she was infected by the virus, according to a relative. Shirley Bannister, 57, passed away from complications from Covi...

アンドリューブラウンジュニア. 捜索令状: 致命的な警察の銃撃の数週間前にカメラで捕らえられた麻薬取引

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Marine Rylee McCollum, 20, died in the Kabul blast weeks before the birth of his child, 家族は言う

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Rylee McCollum's family in Wyoming wasn't surprised in the least when he enlisted in the Marines after high school. "He wanted to be a Marine his whole life and carried around his rifle in his diapers and cowboy boo...

最高裁判所は、ミシシッピ州法が中絶を禁止した後の口頭弁論を審理します 15 Roevの数週間と未来. ウェイド

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保守派の最高裁判所は、で最も重要な中絶事件を取り上げます 30 裁判官がミシシッピ州のRoevを覆す要求を検討する水曜日の年. ウェイドし、州法を支持し、 ...

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