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Por lo menos 40 rounds were fired during shooting that left two dead at a party in New York, la policía dice

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Por lo menos 40 rounds were fired during a shooting that left two people dead and over a dozen others injured at a house party in upstate New York, las autoridades dijeron. The party in Rochester started early Saturday as an i...

Trump’s plans to sign relief bill on Christmas Eve were scrapped last minute

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On Christmas Eve, staff at Mar-a-Lago made preparations for President Donald Trump to sign the Covid-19 relief package and government funding bill, a holiday gift of relief to millions of Americans suffering in the ...

200 activistas de la oposición detenidos en un foro democrático en Moscú. Las autoridades rusas dicen que estaban rompiendo el protocolo Covid-19

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Alrededor de Moscú 200 activistas de la oposición fueron detenidos en Moscú el sábado, según un comunicado del Ministerio del Interior de Rusia. Las detenciones son las últimas de una serie de medidas enérgicas sostenidas por mí..

"Rey Tigre’ star Jeff Lowe claims Carol Baskin, husband Howard were spying on his property with drones

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The owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma alleged to TMZ on Tuesday that he called local police to report some activity at his plot in Thackerville after his son supposedly spotted a drone fly...

Greg Gutfeld: Media will lie to ruin an enemy and won’t have the integrity to admit they were wrong

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They'll report something that's false, but before anyone has a chance to expose the lie, they've already moved on. And like that hitchhiker I picked up last August, the story’s gone without a trace. So thank God ther...

UK neighbors cut tree in half over bird poop dispute: ‘We were absolutely distraught’

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La pareja, in Sheffield, REINO UNIDO., called in an arborist to cut down half of the branches of a 16-foot-tall fir tree that were hanging over their driveway, según informes. The rest of the tree is in their neighbor...

Texas Democratic State Rep. Dominguez: We’re fighting for something bigger than ourselves

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Su 1836. Plagued by injury and illness, battle after battle, it looked as though Santa Anna and the Mexican Army would seal the fate of Sam Houston and his army seeking Texas independence. The Texans were in retrea...

‘We’re doing all we can’: Biden speaks on Hurricane Ida relief efforts

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President Joe Biden spoke Monday afternoon on Hurricane Ida relief efforts as he met virtually with a host of leaders involved in the response to the massive storm that has rocked the Gulf Coast. "We know Hurricane ...

Tucker Carlson: Mark Milley committed treason, and others were implicated

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According to reporting this summer, in the days after last November’s election, Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, held a meeting with senior military officials at the Pentagon. Milley wanted to ...

Decenas de corredores fueron rescatados de una montaña del norte de Utah después de un clima invernal extremo

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Una carrera de 50 millas en las montañas del norte de Salt Lake City, Utah, se interrumpió el sábado por la mañana después de más de 80 los corredores se encontraron en condiciones invernales peligrosas, la Oficina del Sheriff del Condado de Davis dijo. "T ...

Tom Hanks está de luto por su coprotagonista de 'Bosom Buddies', Peter Scolari: "Estábamos conectados molecularmente"

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El martes, el actor apareció en "Jimmy Kimmel en Directo!" y se abrió sobre su difunto "Amigos del alma" coprotagonista Peter Scolari. La comedia de situación de la NBC, que salió al aire desde 1980 Hasta que 1982, Siguió las desventuras de dos hombres que d ...

Feminista demócrata critica a Biden por combinar sexo y género: Estamos viendo una "invasión total’ de los espacios de mujeres

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Dansky, autor de "La abolición del sexo," dicho, "Soy un demócrata registrado ... He hecho una causa común con muchos republicanos que luchan contra la llamada "ideología de identidad de género"." Partidarios de ...

Ex-MSNBC host Chris Matthews irks liberals by declaring ‘I tried to warn we were headed too far left

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"I want Hardball fans to know how I appreciate your faith in me. 2022 could be a great time to show what we’ve learned. I tried to warn we were headed too far left," Matthews tweeted.

Vanessa Bryant wishes Kobe and Gigi were here to see Lakers win title

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As the Los Angeles Lakers became NBA champions Sunday night, there were two people whose presence was especially missed. Vanessa Bryant congratulated the team on Instagram Sunday in a heartfelt post, remembering he...

Foreign fighters were meant to leave Libya this week. A huge trench being dug by Russian-backed mercenaries indicates they plan to stay

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Construction on an enormous trench across Libya, dug by Russian-backed mercenaries Wagner, is raising fears that foreign fighters will not withdraw from the country by Saturday, as a UN-brokered peace deal insists. ...

Iron Age warriors were buried with luxury feather bedding

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Iron age warriors were laid to rest in an ancient burial ground complete with feather-stuffed bedding from an array of birds, new research has shown. The Valsgärde burial ground, near Uppsala in central Sweden is re...

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