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6 people were killed at a Colorado Springs birthday party. The suspected shooter is also dead

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Six people were killed in a shooting early Sunday morning during a birthday party at a Colorado Springs, Colorado, mobile home, según la policía. El presunto tirador -- believed to be a boyfriend of one of the...

They were denied diplomas and blocked from crossing the stage for how they celebrated graduation

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Devarius Peters wanted to celebrate graduation day wearing a pair of Black leather Alexander McQueen shoes. Ashley Saucedo and Ever Lopez, both graduates of different schools in different states, wanted to carry the...

La estrella de "Parent Trap" Elaine Hendrix habla sobre la devoción de Natasha Richardson por Liam Neeson: "Estaban profundamente enamorados"

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La comedia romantica, que se estrenó en 1998, también protagonizada por Lindsay Lohan y Dennis Quaid. "Lo primero en lo que pienso fue, en primer lugar, ella amaba Chardonnay. Pastel de pan," Hendrix nos dijo semanalmente el lunes. "I...

Were Britney Spears and Jason Trawick secretly married in 2012?

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A new podcast and recently unearthed court documents raise the question of whether the pop star was secretly married in 2012 to her then-fiancé, Jason Trawick. In Tuesday’s episode of "Tóxico: The Britney Spears Story...

Larry Elder rips media, Demócratas’ silence on egg assault: ‘If I were a Democrat, it would be a hate crime

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En "Tucker Carlson esta noche," host Jesse Watters noted the woman, quien es blanco, attacked Elder, quien es negro, and asked the candidate and South Los Angeles native about the incident. "She might be one of the 20,000 pe...

Gabby Petito: Grabaciones de despacho muestran que a la policía de Utah se le dijo que un hombre golpeó a una mujer

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Estuche Gabby Petito: Las grabaciones del despacho muestran que a la policía de Utah se le dijo que un hombre golpeó a una mujer Minutos después de que se informara a la policía de Utah sobre un informe de un hombre golpeando a una mujer y despegando en una camioneta Ford Transit blanca con Florida..

A thousand people were summoned for jury duty in the trial for Ahmaud Arbery’s killing. Less than half showed up

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It's been nearly two weeks since jury selection began in the trial of the three men charged with killing Ahmaud Arbery, and of the thousand people summoned for jury duty, less than half have turned up. Of the first...

Tucker Carlson: Nos espera una pandemia completamente nueva

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Considere la nación de Botswana, un país sin salida al mar en el sur de África del tamaño de Francia. Ayer, Los funcionarios informaron que posiblemente dos personas murieron a causa de la variante omicron.. Ahora es verdad th ...

Joe Burrow says he wasn’t offended by gold jacket comment, but Bengals QB hints they were on his mind in stunning performance

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If revenge is a dish best served cold, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow delivered a chilling performance in the 41-21 thumping of Baltimore Ravens on Sunday. Burrow had an absolute monster day, throwing for...

David Ortiz elected into Baseball Hall of Fame; Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens were denied

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Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz was elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame his first time on the ballot. Home run king Barry Bonds and all-time great pitcher Roger Clemens were denied entry during their last year o...

Por lo menos 40 rounds were fired during shooting that left two dead at a party in New York, la policía dice

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Por lo menos 40 rounds were fired during a shooting that left two people dead and over a dozen others injured at a house party in upstate New York, las autoridades dijeron. The party in Rochester started early Saturday as an i...

Trump’s plans to sign relief bill on Christmas Eve were scrapped last minute

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On Christmas Eve, staff at Mar-a-Lago made preparations for President Donald Trump to sign the Covid-19 relief package and government funding bill, a holiday gift of relief to millions of Americans suffering in the ...

200 activistas de la oposición detenidos en un foro democrático en Moscú. Las autoridades rusas dicen que estaban rompiendo el protocolo Covid-19

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Alrededor de Moscú 200 activistas de la oposición fueron detenidos en Moscú el sábado, según un comunicado del Ministerio del Interior de Rusia. Las detenciones son las últimas de una serie de medidas enérgicas sostenidas por mí..

"Rey Tigre’ star Jeff Lowe claims Carol Baskin, husband Howard were spying on his property with drones

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The owner of the Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma alleged to TMZ on Tuesday that he called local police to report some activity at his plot in Thackerville after his son supposedly spotted a drone fly...

Greg Gutfeld: Media will lie to ruin an enemy and won’t have the integrity to admit they were wrong

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They'll report something that's false, but before anyone has a chance to expose the lie, they've already moved on. And like that hitchhiker I picked up last August, the story’s gone without a trace. So thank God ther...

UK neighbors cut tree in half over bird poop dispute: ‘We were absolutely distraught’

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La pareja, in Sheffield, REINO UNIDO., called in an arborist to cut down half of the branches of a 16-foot-tall fir tree that were hanging over their driveway, según informes. The rest of the tree is in their neighbor...