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Humpback whale sightings increase at the Jersey Shore, estudio dice

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The world's largest animal, which weigh approximately 40 tons and are 60 pies de largo, are sticking to New York and New Jersey waters for more extended periods in order to feed, according to a study co-authored by ...

A huge humpback whale breached and hit a boat in Massachusetts

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Boaters in Massachusetts had a once-in-a-lifetime encounter with a real-life whale tail. A humpback breached and landed on the bow of a fishing boat near Plymouth on July 24, CNN affiliate WBZ-TV reported. The whal...

Brendan Fraser transforms into a 600 pound man in ‘The Whale

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Brendan Fraser's latest role involves a major transformation. The actor is starring in the forthcoming Darren Aronofsky film, "The Whale" in which he plays a 600 pound man. Production company A24 tweeted a photo of...

Faroe Islands sets quota of 500 dolphins to be killed in controversial annual whale hunt

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The government of the Faroe Islands has set a catch limit of 500 dolphins for the territory's annual whale hunt this year. Situated halfway between Iceland and Scotland in the Atlantic Ocean, the Faroes are a self-g...

Dead sperm whale washes ashore in Philippines, latest in string of deaths

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A dead sperm whale has washed ashore in the Philippines, the latest in a string of whale deaths that has experts concerned. Two fishermen spotted the 60-foot (18-metro) carcass on a beach in the Davao region early o...

Scientists record orcas hunting and killing an adult blue whale for the first time

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A pack of orcas hunting and killing an adult blue whale has been recorded for the first time, los científicos dicen. The stalking episode took place in March 2019 at Bremer Bay, Western Australia, according to research pub...

Giant whale calf nearly collides with free diver in Tahiti: Video

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Xian, 24, had traveled to Tahiti with her boyfriend Mitch Brown, 27, en septiembre 2021, where the pair decided to take a whale-watching tour, South West News Service (SWNS) informes. SCHOOL OF FISH SWIMMING IN HEART F...

Las poblaciones de la ballena franca del Atlántico norte en peligro de extinción son las más bajas en casi 20 años

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Uno de los mamíferos marinos más raros del mundo., la ballena franca del Atlántico norte, ha rechazado 8% en población durante el último año, que los investigadores llaman profundamente preocupante para la supervivencia de la especie. El Atlántico Norte..

Great White sharks spotted feeding on humpback whale

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A group of researchers came across an unusual sight off the coast of Massachusetts. They witnessed a feeding frenzy as a group of sharks fed on a humpback whale. The researchers were a part of the Stellwage...

Beloved killer whale at SeaWorld dies suddenly

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A young orca suddenly died at Sea World in San Diego after only displaying signs of illness the day before. The exact cause of death has yet to be determined and it will likely be several weeks before any answers are...

Two new dinosaur species, as big as a blue whale, discovered in China

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Scientists have confirmed the discovery of two massive new dinosaur species in northwest China -- some of the first vertebrates uncovered in the region, according to a new study published Thursday. A number of fossi...

Record-breaking fish caught in North Carolina: ‘Looked like a whale in the back of the boat

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A fisherman in North Carolina reeled in a massive 127-lb catfish during a recent trip. While actually catching the fish was hard, actually getting weighed on a certified scale by an official was almost as difficult. ...

Whale slams into fishing boat, knocking passenger into water and leaving hole in the hull

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A fishing boat had to call for help after it had an encounter with a whale off the coast of Rhode Island. Según testigos, the larger animal was participating in a feeding frenzy when it slammed into the boat....

Cape Cod diver left with a whale of a tale after a humpback spat him out

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A Cape Cod lobster diver is safe Friday, following a fluke encounter with a humpback whale that nearly made him the leviathan's lunch. Michael Packard was diving off the coast of Provincetown, Massachusetts, Viernes...

Buzo de langosta de Massachusetts sobrevive a ser tragado por una ballena: "Estaba completamente dentro’

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Michael Packard, 56, de Wellfleet, fue dado de alta horas después de un hospital de Cape Cod luego de su aterrador encuentro con una ballena jorobada. He told WBZ-TV he was 45 feet deep in the waters off Provincetown when the att...

Adolescente en estado crítico tras atravesar tierras de ballenas en un barco pesquero

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Un adolescente en Australia se encuentra en estado crítico después de que una ballena saltó del agua y aterrizó en el barco de pesca en el que estaba.. Nick Myhill, Envejecido 18, sufrió graves lesiones en la cabeza y el cuello cuando la ballena f ...

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