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What’s your gender? I prefer not to say

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When it comes to filling out a form, I can write my name and address and birth date on autopilot without pause. But when I get to the gender question, a wave of anxiety washes over. I am not transgender, nor have I...

Gowdy discusses how 9/11 changed America: Death and grief can bring clarity about what’s important in life

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Gowdy spent part of his latest show recounting his own memories of September 11, 2001. While he remarked on the surreal experience on the morning of the September 11 terror attacks, he also described a sense of unity...

Tucker Carlson: Quello che sta succedendo ai camionisti in Canada rivela il futuro degli Stati Uniti

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Quello che sta succedendo ai camionisti in Canada rivela il futuro degli Stati Uniti. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno. Pelosi difende le sanzioni di Biden dal ‘tiranno.

Pete Hoekstra: Colonial Pipeline attackwhat’s the rest of the story? Urgent answers needed

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These are exactly the questions that need to be asked and answered regarding the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline. It seems that there is an almost unanimous agreement that Russian hackers were the perpetrators, ma ...

Waukesha parade horror: Wisconsin police union official reveals what’s next in investigation

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"Ore dopo, everything is still very fluid, proprio adesso," Ryan Windorff said late Sunday. The next step for investigators will be conducting witness interviews and reviewing footage from witness' phones and busines...

America’s focus on ‘moral posteringis jeopardizing what’s best for the country: Elbridge Colby

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ELBRIDGE COLBY: You are right to point to the dollar's role as central to our well-being at a very practical level. I think what we are seeing early is indications of movement towards probably two blocks. One led by ...

What’s behind Macron’s bold bet on a Covid health pass

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Dà la vita. Andelman, a contributor to CNN, twice winner of the Deadline Club Award, and executive director of The Red Lines Project, è l'autore di "A Red Line in the Sand: Diplomacy, Strategy, and the History of War...

Rachel Campos-Duffy rivela cosa c'è dietro i mandati vaccinali di Biden

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RACHEL CAMPOS-DUFFY, OSPITE: Quasi due anni di lockdown mascherine e mandati da sinistra, eppure poco è cambiato nella lotta al COVID. Dodici mesi dopo la spinta di Biden a vaccinare tutta l'America, e noi siamo ac...

Retired Las Vegas officer who responded to Harvest Festival shooting reveals what’s ‘alwaysin his bag

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Packe spoke about the heroism he saw the day of the deadliest mass shooting in modern American history, the strength of the LVMPD and the importance of establishing positive relationships between police and community...

Il giorno dei presidenti 2021: What’s open and closed

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The third Monday of every February is a day to remember the nation's presidents, especially the first one. Infatti, the day's official name is Washington's Birthday after President George Washington, whose birth dat...

Nebraska Gov. Ricketts rails against vaccine mandate: Biden ‘pretty ignorant of what’s going on

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Ricketts criticized Biden for a lack of communication with states, noting that since taking office he has not participated in any of the weekly phone calls the White House has with the nation's governors. NEBRASKA GO...

Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia, Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia?

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Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia 2008 Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia [Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia] Quali sono le prospettive dalla Russia 2014 [annessione della Crimea], annessione della Crimea [annessione della Crimea, annessione della Crimea ...

Il tweet israeliano di Andrew Yang mostra cosa è cambiato nella politica di New York

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Lincoln Mitchell (@LincolnMitchell) insegna alla School of International and Public Affairs della Columbia University. Il suo libro più recente è "I giganti e la loro città: Major League Baseball a San Francisco, 1976-1...

Mark Brnovich rivela cosa c'è dietro il "sofisticato" della California, furto organizzato al dettaglio’

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NEWSOM DICE AI SINDACI DELLA CALIFORNIA DI "FAI PI AVANTI" DOPO CHE MOB DI SACCHEGGIATORI EFFETTUANO UN COLPO A SEI FIGURE NORDSTROM MARK BRNOVICH: L'abbiamo visto e sappiamo che la California settentrionale è davvero l'epicentro di tutto questo. Come hai menzionato, ...

Ukraine’s Zelenskyy gave a powerful address to Congress but ‘what’s next?’ is the big question now

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Infatti, even the image of Zelenskyy still standing is an embarrassment for Putin. The war was supposed to be over by now. But nothing is going as Putin planned, e quello, for him, is a huge problem. But Ukraine faces...

Greg Gutfeld: There’s a huge contrast between what’s true, and what’s written

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È vero - a new Gallup poll shows that more than 75 percent of the public has very little confidence in legacy media like newspapers and TV news. So first, it's kinda interesting that people still use newspapers to...