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Top House Republican raising questions on whereabouts of released terrorists from Bagram

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Rep. Ken Calvert, R-Kalifornië., told Fox News that he sent a list of questions to the White House, demanding they provide information on the exact number of prisoners released from Bagram by the Taliban, and how the admi...

Missing Colorado mom Suzanne Morphew’s friend pleads with husband to reveal victim’s whereabouts: verslag doen

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Barry Morphew made his first appearance in a Chaffee County, Colorado court on Thursday on charges including first-degree murder after deliberation and tampering with evidence. Op Woensdag, law enforcement officials...

‘America’s Most Wanted Overtime’: How accused couple’s lust for luxury could reveal whereabouts

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According to their FBI profiles, both John and Julieanne Dimitrion are described as having "expensive tastes" in clothing, motors, juweliersware, en meer, with host Nancy Grace noting that greed-inspired criminals "can give...