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Border Patrol Council VP pushes back on media’s claim of agents ‘whipping’ migrante

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MAYORKAS INSISTS BORDER IS CLOSED AS MIGRANTS STREAM ACROSS ART DEL CUETO: They were not whipping anyone. They don't carry whips. They don't get assigned whips. What they do is a training technique that has been show...

Mayorkas investigation into Border Patrol ‘whippingincident drags on

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"Die ondersoek duur voort. The Department is committed to a thorough, onafhanklik, and objective process. We are also committed to transparency and will release the results of the investigation once it is complet...

Brian Stelter distansieer hom van 'bedrog'’ sweep media-narratief by die grens nadat CNN dit die hele week gedruk het

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Egter, verskeie CNN-figure het verlede week die storielyn gedruk. Stelter, wat deur sy kritici bekend is as die media s'n "opsigter" deur die beroep teen kritiek te beskerm, begin "Betroubare bronne" Sondag deur erken...

George P. Bush pushes back on WH whipping narrative, shares video of Border Patrol horses without ‘whips

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Bush blasted the Biden administration's whipping narrative on Twitter Saturday amid the illegal immigration crisis plaguing the Biden administration. Bush shared a video of him meeting with horseback Border Patrol ag...