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Two national anthems ‘unhealthyfor unification of America: Jason Whitlock

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Whitlock spoke with Thomas in an interview Thursday, come parte di "Fearless with Jason Whitlock" podcast, where the former basketball star suggested that playing both national anthems is only dividing the country i...

Whitlock fa esplodere la "corsa all'oro del razzismo", mentre Big Tech cerca di scappare dai patrioti come i minatori hanno fatto con i nativi

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Whitlock ha detto "Tucker Carlson stasera" quella, come nell'originale corsa all'oro, quelle persone che stanno correndo per "razzismo oro" stanno cacciando i patrioti americani nello stesso modo in cui i minatori massacrarono i nativi americani nel Pacifico..

Jason Whitlock defiant after Twitter locks him out for criticizing BLM founder’s ritzy home purchases

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Whitlock, chi è nero, took a dig at Patrisse Cullors on Friday after she reportedly bought a $ 1.4 million home in Topanga Canyon, a ritzy Los Angeles-area enclave where only 1.4% of residents are Black. "She’s wi...