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North Carolina man who scaled energized electrical tower causes widespread power outage

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Officers responded to the 1300 block of Nations Crossing Road in Charlotte after receiving reports of a man who scaled a large high-tension electrical tower and began a four-hour-long effort to get the man down, die ...

China doubles down on zero-Covid as it battles most widespread outbreak since Wuhan

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Hong Kong China is scrambling to contain its most widespread Covid-19 outbreak since the first wave of infections that began in Wuhan in 2019. Though subsequent flare-ups have seen higher total case numbers, this out...

Chlamydia is so widespread among koalas they’re getting vaccinated

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Oor 400 Australian koalas will be vaccinated against chlamydia as part of a trial that researchers say they hope could play a significant role in the longer-term survival of the animals. Chlamydia, a sexually trans...

Ready-to-eat spices and food additives exposed to widespread rodent infestation were seized by the FDA

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FDA-regulated spices and food additive products exposed to "widespread rodent infestation" as well as live and dead insects, were seized in Miami on Friday by the US Marshals Service on behalf of the US Food and Dru...

Mike Lindell alleged widespread voter fraud in Alabama. The GOP secretary of state says he’s dead wrong.

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Long after even many of the stalwart election deniers have given up, Mike Lindell is still at it. Following a visit to Alabama last week, the MyPillow CEO declared that 100,000 votes in the 2020 Presidentsverkiesing ...

NIH director believes widespread coronavirus vaccine boosters will be recommended despite FDA opinion

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Op Vrydag, the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee said no to an application for boosters except for people 65 and older and for at-risk populations. In a conversation with "Fox News Sun...

Orkaan Ida veroorsaak wydverspreide verwoesting in Louisiana, New Orleans in die donker

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President Biden het Sondag verklaar dat daar 'n groot ramp in Louisiana is en beveel federale hulp om die staat aan te vul, stam, en plaaslike herstelpogings in die gebiede wat deur die orkaan Ida geraak is. Die National Weathe ...

Fred slams North Carolina, leaves more than 30 people missing after widespread flooding

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Posts on social media showed images of the extensive flooding in Haywood County near Asheville and emergency response teams were seen rescuing dozens of people. NORTH CAROLINA FACES 'CATASTROPHIC' FLOODING FROM FRED...

Michigan GOP investigation finds no evidence of widespread fraud in 2020 verkiesing

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A Republican-led investigation concluded Wednesday that there was "no evidence of widespread or systematic fraud" in Michigan's 2020 verkiesing, rejecting claims by former President Donald Trump and his allies that th...

Several major airlines are dealing with disruptions after widespread website outages

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(CNN Besigheid)Several airlines, including Southwest, Verenigde, and Virgin Australia, acknowledged ongoing website system issues late Wednesday. In a statement to CNN Business, the airline said their teams worked quic...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Heat warnings, advisories widespread across West

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Phoenix will see highs above 115 through the end of the week. Forecast high temperatures for the western U.S. (Fox News)

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Storm system to bring widespread hazards

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Accumulating snow will fall from Colorado to the Upper Midwest over the next few days. The national forecast for Tuesday, April 13. (Fox News)

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Widespread rain, thunderstorms moving across US

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The Storm Prediction Center has issued a slight risk of severe weather including hail and strong winds over the Central Plains on Tuesday and Tuesday night. Op Woensdag, the threat shifts southeast to the Lower Mis...

Central Tennessee braces for more weather misery after weekend flooding killed 7 people and caused widespread damage

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After enduring widespread flooding -- that killed seven people, knocked out power to thousands and damaged homes and businesses -- Central Tennessee is bracing for more potentially devastating rainfall. Oor 2.5 duisend ...

Die bestuurshoof van die kragnetwerk in Texas word afgedank weens wydverspreide onderbrekings tydens storms in die winter

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Na wydverspreide kragonderbrekings tydens 'n reeks winterstorms wat baie inwoners van Texas dae lank in die donker gelaat het, die hoof van die organisasie wat toesig hou oor die staat se kragnetwerk is afgedank. Bill Magness, ...

William Barr sê daar is geen bewyse van wydverspreide bedrog in die presidentsverkiesing nie

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Die departement van justisie het nie bewyse gevind om bewerings van wydverspreide bedrog te ondersteun wat die uitslag van verlede maand se presidentsverkiesing sou kon verander nie., Prokureur-generaal William Barr het in 'n onderhoud gesê ...

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