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Uvalde, Skoolskietery in Texas: Off-duty CBP agent saves students, daughter after ‘helptext from teacher wife

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"Hulp," sy het geskryf, "Ek het jou lief." Jacob Albarado was getting a haircut at the time. He borrowed a shotgun from his barber, who came with him, and headed to where his wife and his second-grade daughter were hiding in ...

Combat veteran and his wife help others fight PTSD — and find healing and hope

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Satterly, who grew up in Indiana, served in the U.S. Army for 25 years — 20 of those in the most elite and secretive special operations unit. He led hundreds of missions, and in turn, won many awards — including 5 B..

Brittney Griner’s wife calls on Biden to help in WNBA star’s release from Russian detainment

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In her first appearance since Griner’s arrest on Feb. 17, Cherelle Griner told ABC’s "Goeie more Amerika" that she wants to meet with President Joe Biden to expedite her wife’s return home, by any means necessary. ...

Ice T and wife Coco face online backlash for pushing daughter Chanel, ses, in a stroller

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The 43-year-old model wrote that their youngest child was "so over it" as they explored the shops at the Atlantis, only for followers to criticize the couple for allowing the little girl to even be pushed along for t...

'n verslag verlede jaar van die nie-partydige Atlantiese Raad-denktenk het dit genoem: Zelenskyy’s wife waiting for reunification of her family, ‘like all families’ daar

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"The family is separated. He lives at work. For two months and a half we didn't see each other at all, we only talked on the phone," she told a Ukrainian news outlet during a telethon event. "We are waiting," she ad...

Actor Dick Van Dyke, 96, is spotted with younger wife for first time in close to a year

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Van Dyke, 96, wore a "Spoonful of Sugar" sweatshirt for the outing, seemingly as a nod to his role in "Mary Poppins." The actor gained fame as an entertainer on television and radio. He is most known for his roles in...

NASCAR driver Kurt Busch’s wife Ashley files for divorce

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The news comes just days after Busch scored his first win at Kansas Speedway Sunday with the 23XI Racing team he joined this season. Kurt Busch with wife Ashley during the running of the NASCAR Cup Series C...

Machine Gun Kelly dedicates Billboard Music Awards performance to his ‘wifeand ‘unborn child

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Was Machine Gun Kelly trying to tell us something? During his performance of the song "Twin Flame" at Sunday's 2022 Billboard Music Awards, Kelly gesê "I wrote this song for my wife." He and actress Megan Fox got en...

‘The Time Traveler’s Wifeturns the book into a time-killing HBO series

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Adapted from the novel that became a not-particularly-memorable movie in 2009, "The Time Traveler's Wife" now transforms its bizarre love story into an HBO series. Rose Leslie and Theo James star, but in keeping wit...

Alabama inmate Casey White called Vicky White his ‘wifeafter she apparently shot herself during crash: Feds

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Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, had been involved in a police chase in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday evening when law enforcement agents intercepted and collided with the Cadillac that Vicky White was driving,...

Rascal Flatts ‘will get back together,’ Jay DeMarcuswife Allison believes: ‘They’re still great friends’

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The country music trio comprised of Gary LeVox, Joe Don Rooney and Jay DeMarcus was set to traverse the landscape on a farewell curtain call, "Rascal Flatts Farewell: Life Is A Highway Tour," maar "unforeseen" circums...

Man van Chicago gee homself in nadat hy sy vrou in Target-parkeerterrein doodgeskiet het, sê die polisie

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Jennifer Hamilton, 'n 47-jarige vakbondbestuurder by die Service Employees International Union, was in die Target-parkeerterrein toe 'n man haar genader het en haar verskeie kere geskiet het, voor vlug, JAKKALS 32 van Chicago re...

Florida man appeals murder convictions in slayings of wife, three kids and dog in Disney-area home

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Prosecutors said 46-year-old Anthony Todt had been living with the corpses inside the home in the Disney-designed community of Celebration, outside of Orlando, Florida, for at least a week when FBI and Osceola County...

Dede Robertson, wife of televangelist Pat Robertson, dood by 94

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Adelia "Dede" Robertson, wife of televangelist Pat Robertson and founding board member of the Christian Broadcasting Network, died Tuesday in her Virginia Beach home. Sy was 94. The network announced her death in a...

Man convicted in Colombia of murdering his wife arrested after 27 jare aan die vlug, FBI sê

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A man who fled to the US from Colombia after the murder his wife in 1994 was arrested Wednesday in Massachusetts, the FBI said in a news release. William Hernando Usma Acosta, 61, had been living in Belmont under t...

2022 CMT-musiektoekennings: Dennis Quaid, wife Laura Savoie make rare red carpet appearance

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The 68-year-old actor and Savoie, 29, aren’t often photographed together on red carpets, but this year, Quaid is a presenter at the 56th annual award show. "The Parent Trap" star’s current wife is his fourth marriag...

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