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This Republican senator has a totally wild theory about the impeachment trial

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Martedì, the Senate will begin the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump over a charge that he incited the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6. And Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson thinks he knows ...

A wild day that defined the Republican Party

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rappresentante. Liz Cheney survived to fight another battle but on a raucous and defining day, the appeasement of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene by House Republicans sent their party lurching further down the road to extremism. T ...

Staggering number of wild bee species unaccounted for since the ’90s

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There has been an overwhelming drop in the number of wild bee species that are reported in public records over the past 30 anni, secondo un nuovo studio. Researchers looked at bee records in the Global Biodiversit...

A bobcat rescued from the California wildfires has been treated for burns and released back into the wild

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A young bobcat rescued from the El Dorado wildfires in California has been returned to the wild. The San Diego Humane Society's Ramona Wildlife Center, which treated the cat for severe burns, announced the news on T...

Rockefeller, il piccolo gufo che ha catturato i nostri cuori, è tornato in libertà

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Potrebbero esserci stati sentimenti contrastanti riguardo all'albero di Natale dei Rockefeller quest'anno, ma non c'era niente del genere per i piccoli, adorabile gufo che è stato trovato in esso. Rocky -- abbreviazione del suo soprannome di "Rockefeller"...

‘It’s wild down hereas Milwaukee County recount continues

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Milwaukee The Milwaukee County recount in Wisconsin won't be finished until after Thanksgiving after a slower-than-expected start, including several physical confrontations and objections to ballots due to complaints...

Japanese town deploys ‘Monster Wolfrobots to deter wild bears

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A Japanese town has deployed robot wolves to scare off bears that have become an increasingly dangerous nuisance in the countryside. The town of Takikawa, on the northern island of Hokkaido, purchased and installed a...

Perché il licenziamento di Mark Esper è solo l'inizio di una situazione molto selvaggia 72 giorni

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Lunedì pomeriggio, Il presidente Donald Trump ha licenziato il suo segretario alla difesa, Mark Esper, tramite tweet. Quale, bene, wasn't terribly surprising. Esper had been on Trump's naughty list for months -- ever since he opposed ...

A wild bear broke into an Alaska zoo and killed an alpaca

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Caesar - a 16-year-old alpaca - was killed over the weekend by a wild brown bear who had broken into a zoo in Anchorage, Alaska. The bear was later euthanized by wildlife officials. "We are deeply saddened by this t...