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'Loki’ pulls back the curtain a little more in its wildest episode yet

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The following contains spoilers about the fourth episode of Marvel's "Loki." After a third episode that at times seemed to be running in place, "Loki" finally pulled back the curtain -- in almost "mago di Oz"-like...

‘Zolastars and director on making one of the summer’s wildest films

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When A'Ziah "Zola" King posted 148 tweets about an epic trip she said she took to Florida with a fellow exotic dancer, that dancer's boyfriend and a pimp back in 2015, who knew that it would turn into a must see sum...

Ecco la previsione più sfrenata che sentirai su come Donald Trump ottiene la grazia

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La domanda dominante delle ultime sei settimane in carica del presidente Donald Trump è chi perdonerà -- e, specificamente, se tenterà di perdonare se stesso. Il procuratore generale democratico di New York Letitia James, ...

Donald Trump’s wildest election prediction

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President Donald Trump has made a lot of bold predictions -- at least publicly -- about the results of next week's election. He's said he will win (possible but not likely) and that Republicans will retain control o...