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Bora, williwaws and Chinook: damaging winds you’ve probably never heard of

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When a sudden, violent and cold gust of wind sweeps down from the mountains, you know the williwaws have arrived. And if bora winds are in the forecast, make sure to set your clothes out to dry along with your prosc...

Triple-threat storm is potentially bringing more strong winds, tornadoes and flooding to Southeast

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A powerful storm is shaping up to deliver a possible triple threat of wind, tornadoes and flooding to parts of the South Wednesday as the region continues to recover from the impact of back-to-back severe weather sy...

Tornado conditions possible in parts of Mississippi and Alabama as storm heads east, potentially bringing high winds and hail

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The forceful storm that flattened buildings in a northwest Arkansas city Wednesday is taking aim Thursday at parts of Mississippi and Alabama, where some areas are being warned of the potential for dangerous tornado...

High winds and severe weather threat return to a region still recovering from last week’s tornadoes

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Exactly one week after the Deep South faced a deadly tornado outbreak, another round of severe weather is taking shape in the same areas Tuesday and Wednesday for over 50 million people at risk. Places like Baton R...

As winter storm exits the East, strong winds and blistering cold temperatures remain

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A winter storm will continue to deliver strong winds and blistering freezing temperatures as it exits the eastern region Sunday after dumping heavy snow across parts of New England. Más que 30 million people acro...

A bomb cyclone will bring winter weather with extreme winds back to the South and Northeast this weekend

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A powerful storm taking shape across the central part of the country will rapidly strengthen into a bomb cyclone as it moves east -- bringing damaging winds, heavy rain, and even snow from Louisiana to Maine. A bomb...

Más que 200,000 without power in Northeast as damaging winds sweep through region

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Más que 200,000 homes and businesses in the Northeast were without power early Tuesday morning after a line of strong storms brought soaking rain and damaging winds to the region. Más que 65 million people from ...

A dynamic winter storm is developing with snow, ice, inundación, extreme winds and the threat of tornadoes

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From Oklahoma to Maine, sobre 100 million people will feel the impacts of a strengthening winter storm as it races quickly from the southern Plains to the Northeast through Friday. "A dynamic winter storm is develop...

Aaron Rodgers insinúa el futuro de los Packers como 2021 la temporada termina: 'La hierba es más verde donde la riegas’

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Rodgers y los Packers estaban en desacuerdo en la temporada baja con el 2020 MVP de la NFL que sugiere problemas de cultura en la organización. Pero a medida que avanzaba el año, los Packers eventualmente terminarían el No. 1 semilla en el NFC pl...

A look at Jussie Smollett’s two-day explosive court testimony as trial winds down

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El primero "Imperio" actor stated in no uncertain terms that he did not orchestrate the alleged hate crime attack against himself, calling the allegations "100% falso" despite what brothers Abimbola and Olabingo Osund...

Thousands without power in Southern California as fierce winds fuel potential wildfire threat for 17 un millón de personas

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Más que 70,000 homes and businesses in Southern California lost power on Thanksgiving as the region battles dangerously dry conditions and high winds, with gusts topping 70 mph in some areas. The National Weather ...

Fire weather conditions persist in Plains, Wyoming winds forecast to reach 70 mph

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FOX WEATHER, MISSISSIPPI STATE UNIVERSITY ESTABLISH SCHOLARSHIP FOR FUTURE METEOROLOGISTS Fire weather warnings are up for parts of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico and Texas. Gusty winds and dry air...

Los fuertes vientos y la baja humedad aumentan la amenaza de incendios forestales y cortes de energía en el sur de California durante las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias

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Los vientos tempestuosos y secos de Santa Ana están provocando una amenaza de incendio forestal en el sur de California esta semana, amenaza con un posible corte de energía durante las vacaciones de Acción de Gracias. Una advertencia de bandera roja que afecta 17 millones de personas.

Blustery winds, chilly temperatures and some snow: Here’s your Thanksgiving week forecast

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As millions of Americans gear up to travel this Thanksgiving holiday week, forecast models continue to show a temperature roller-coaster and a potential significant storm this week. Starting Sunday, several states w...

Last month was the driest ever September in Los Angeles County. Now come the Santa Ana winds

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After the hottest and driest summer in California history, and a September that was Los Angeles County's driest ever, concerns are high that Santa Ana wind season could significantly worsen what has already been a d...

Strong winds fueling California’s Alisal Fire have threatened power outages and prompted evacuations

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The heavy winds that have been fanning the Alisal Fire -- which already closed part of Highway 101 and Amtrak railways in Santa Barbara County, California -- are likely to continue through early Thursday morning, po ...

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