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Houston mattress store that housed hundreds in severe winter weather debuts highwater rescue truck

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"Ons is hier om die gemeenskap te bevoordeel. Dit is wat ons nog altyd gedoen het, en ons is verantwoordelik vir die welstand van die gemeenskap, we’re trying to live up to that," Jim "Mack" McIngvale told "jakkals & Vriende" in ...

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Fast Facts

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Hier is 'n blik op die 2022 Winter Olympics scheduled to be held in Beijing. The games are scheduled to take place February 4-20, 2022. The Paralympics are scheduled to take place March 4-13, 2022. Facts Beijing is th...

May winter storm to dump feet of snow on Big Sky Country

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Following widespread drought and an unseasonably warm Monday, a cold front that brought rain to the state on Tuesday has set the stage for a winter storm that could potentially last through the weekend. NATIONAL WEAT...

‘Zombie firesthat can survive winter could become more common as temperatures rise

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As global temperatures rise, the once reliably frozen Arctic has seen a rash of massive wildfires in recent years. And while biting winter cold and heavy snow are enough to eventually suppress most blazes, scientist...

After vaccine rollout success in UK, COVID could be ‘eradicated’ by winter, says top scientist

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"I don't see any reason of why we should need to go into lockdown again," Hugh Pennington told The Sun. "We are now getting close to China and Taiwan in effectively eradicating it within our own territory." BIDEN SAY...

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldierfinale completes its ambitious hero’s journey

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Die volgende bevat spoilers oor "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" finale. While more conventional than "WandaVision," Marvel's "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" explored a bracingly provocative theme over ...

Spring lets winter get the last laugh as snow is forecast across portions of the US

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Winter takes its last breath across most of the US this week, with widespread below-average temperatures and late-season snow in the forecast. The spring-like temperatures last week are fading this week as a dip in ...

Nasionale weervoorspelling: Winter weather hangs on in the West

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Travel will be difficult in some of these areas in the next few days. Expected snowfall totals in the West through Thursday. (Fox News)

China warns Washington not to boycott Winter Olympics

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A Foreign Ministry spokesperson rejected accusations of abuses against ethnic minorities in the Xinjiang region. He warned of an unspecified "robust Chinese response" to a potential Olympics boycott. CLICK HERE FOR M...

‘Winter is vanishingfrom the deep waters of Lake Michigan

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As the globe continues to warm at an astonishing rate due to climate change, winter is shrinking at depths we've never known before, including the Great Lakes. A study conducted by scientists at the National Oceani...

‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldiershows Marvel’s ‘WandaVisionwasn’t a blip

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Marvel has seemingly cracked the code for its streaming efforts, seizing on underdeveloped threads and relationships from its blockbuster movies and giving them room (OK, about six hours) to breathe on Disney+. Afte...

Jackson, Mississippi, gets clearance to lift boil water notices weeks after brutal winter storms

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All boil water notices in the city of Jackson, Mississippi -- put in place after last month's powerful winter storms -- have been lifted, city officials announced in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "The City of Jack...

Millions are under winter storm advisories as blizzards and heavy rain move across the US

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Much of the country is gearing up for severe weather this weekend as late-season winter storms intensify. A slow-moving system could produce the biggest snowfall in decades for the Eastern Rockies and Western Plains...

Die bestuurshoof van die kragnetwerk in Texas word afgedank weens wydverspreide onderbrekings tydens storms in die winter

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Na wydverspreide kragonderbrekings tydens 'n reeks winterstorms wat baie inwoners van Texas dae lank in die donker gelaat het, die hoof van die organisasie wat toesig hou oor die staat se kragnetwerk is afgedank. Bill Magness, ...

Meer as 'n halfmiljoen Texans is steeds onder kookwateradvies 'n week nadat 'n winterstorm die Suide wreedaardig gemaak het

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Meer as 'n halfmiljoen Texans is steeds onder kookwater opmerkings meer as 'n week nadat 'n winterstorm groot dele van die Suide wreed gemaak het, wat miljoene dae sonder water en krag agterlaat. N somtotaal van 509,206 mense ...

A New Jersey plumber drove to Texas with his family to fix burst pipes and other damage from devastating winter storm

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A New Jersey plumber who wanted to help Texans dealing with burst pipes and other damage after last week's winter storms drove to Houston with a truck full of tools and got to work. Andrew Mitchell and his wife, Kis...

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