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US expected to formally withdraw from Open Skies Treaty that bolstered European security

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The US is expected to announce on Sunday that it will formally exit the decades-old Open Skies Treaty, some six months after President Donald Trump first announced the decision, according to multiple US officials. T ...

US to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty with Russia: funzionari

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close Video Pompeo announces suspension of Cold War-era nuclear treaty with Russia Former CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman says the U.S. is exposing Russia’s hypocrisy by suspending the INF nuclear treaty. Il ...

La famiglia di americani detenuti in Afghanistan temono che venga lasciato indietro mentre Trump ordina a più truppe di ritirarsi

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Washington La famiglia di un americano rapito in Afghanistan all'inizio di quest'anno ha espresso i suoi timori che possa essere lasciato indietro dopo che l'amministrazione Trump ha annunciato che stanno ritirando altre truppe dal paese o ...

Diplomats worry Trump’s desire to withdraw US troops risks success of Afghan-Taliban talks

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As the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban begin this weekend, there are concerns among current and former US national security officials that efforts to develop a solid path towards peace in A...