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Four gray whales have been found dead in California’s Bay Area within eight days

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Gray whales are visible just twice a year in California as they migrate from the southern tip of the West Coast up toward Alaska and back again. They delight residents as they appear briefly in coastal waters before...

Defense Secretary Austin announces measures to combat extremism within military

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Republicans in Congress are concerned that targeting extremism could mean singling out conservatives. Among those moves is establishing a definition of extremist behavior, training on how to identify when service me...

Capitol riot prosecutors may charge more than 400 people and plea deals may come ‘within a few weeks

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Washington The Justice Department is preparing some of the first guilty plea offers for people charged in the Capitol insurrection, as prosecutors grind through massive amounts of evidence, videos and tips against mo...

2 Confederate statues were removed in Georgia within 3 dae

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Two Confederate statues were removed from public locations in the state of Georgia this week. This comes as cities across the nation have grappled with how to handle statues of historical figures with troubling past...

Twee voormalige Iranse sokkerspelers van die nasionale span sterf binne 'n week van mekaar aan Covid-19 nadat hulle op 'n TV-spesiale aanbieding verskyn het.

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Iran treur oor die dood van twee voormalige sokkerspelers van die nasionale span wat binne 'n week van mekaar in Teheran aan Covid-19 dood is. Mehrdad Minavand, 45, en Ali Ansarian, 43, het professioneel in die Pro L. van Iran gespeel..

Selfs sommige binne die Trump-reg wil Marjorie Taylor Greene weg hê

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Dit blyk dat met elke dag wat verbygaan, daar is 'n nuwe polemiek rondom die eerstejaarsreeks van Georgia. Marjorie Taylor Greene. Van haar ondersteunende aanlynberigte oor die sluipmoord op Demokratiese leiers tot haar jag van 'n s ...

Two educators in the same Georgia school district died within hours from Covid-19

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A school district in Georgia is mourning the loss of two educators who died within hours of each other from Covid-19. Dana Johnson and Cynthia Lindsey, employees in Cobb County Schools in metro Atlanta, both lost th...

Kentucky sisters lost their mom, dad and grandfather to Covid-19 within four weeks

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Sisters Jessica Cheatham and Jama Allen plan to do everything they can to preserve for their kids the family's Christmas traditions -- even as they mourn the crushing loss of their mom, dad and grandfather to Covid-...

Agt godsdienstige susters is binne 'n week aan Covid-19 oorlede in 'n Wisconsin-aanleg

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Binne 'n week, agt godsdienstige susters wat in die Notre Dame van Elm Grove in Wisconsin woon, is aan Covid-19 oorlede, almal van wie, op hul eie maniere, mentors in die gemeenskap was. Die School Sisters of Notre Dame bevestig ...

Two Black men have been executed within two days. Two more are set to die before Biden’s inauguration

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Anger over federal executions continued to grow Friday after two Black men died by lethal injection within nearly 24 ure. Alfred Bourgeois was executed the day after Brandon Bernard. Bernard's death sentence was ...

Kontakopsporing in immigrantegemeenskappe is die beste met betroubare stemme van binne

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Early in the pandemic, Ximena Rebolledo León, a registered nurse at Telluride Regional Medical Center in southwestern Colorado, needed to find everyone who'd been in contact with a sick Latino restaurant worker whos...

Michigan couple married for 47 years die of coronavirus within a minute of one another

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Patricia and Leslie McWaters spent 47 years together, raising their children, then grandchildren and then great-grandchildren. And last week, they died together of Covid-19, within the same minute. "They literally d...

Bodies of rich man and slave discovered within Pompeii ruins

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Archaeologists have discovered the exceptionally well-preserved remains of two men scalded to death by the volcanic eruption that destroyed the ancient Roman city of Pompeii in 79 AD, the Italian culture ministry sa...

Een vyfde van die Covid-19 pasiënte kry 'n psigiatriese diagnose binne 90 dae, studie suggereer

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Mense wat Covid-19 gehad het, het 'n verhoogde risiko om gediagnoseer te word met 'n psigiatriese afwyking soos angs of depressie, volgens 'n nuwe studie. Navorsers het na die mediese rekords van 69 miljoen ...

Only half of registered voters expect to know result within ‘day or twoof Election Day

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Washington Only half of registered voters in the United States say they expect to know the results of the upcoming presidential election within a "day or two" of Election Day, a new study by the Pew Research Center s...

Hiker dies at Arethusa Falls, the third fatal accident at New Hampshire state parks reported within a week

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A man died while hiking a trail in a New Hampshire state park Saturday, making for the third hiking/climbing-related fatality within a week, according to the New Hampshire Fish and Game department. The unidentified...

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