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Geen. 12 Kentucky withstands test from Texas A&M

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But the fact that 12th-ranked Kentucky won despite tying a season low with that shooting percentage actually pleased the veteran coach. "I love those games, absolutely love them," hy het gesê. "That means you know you ha...

Geen. 3 Stanford withstands rally by No. 7 Tennessee 74-63

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Ashton Prechtel, who was quiet through the first three quarters, connected on three fourth-quarter 3-pointers and finished with 12 points to key the recovery for the Cardinal (8-2). Lexie Hull scored 11 punte, Haley...

Geen. 2 UCLA withstands Bellarmine rally, wen 75-62

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Watson shot 9 van 12 and had four rebounds, easily outpacing his 3.3 points average through four games this season. David Singleton added 13 points on 5-of-8 shooting for the Bruins (5-0), who will face No. 1 Gonzaga ...

Vegas withstands late rally, beats Ducks 5-4 in skietgeveg

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"Some of the analytics had other guys ahead of him," DeBoer said. "His name came up and Ryan said he scored two games in a row. He has historically been a streaky scorer, so we put him out there." And he delivered. ...