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Le foto della scena dell'incidente di Kobe Bryant sono state condivise durante l'aperitivo della cerimonia di premiazione, testimone testimonia

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Foto scattate sulla scena dell'incidente mortale in elicottero che ha ucciso la leggenda dell'NBA Kobe Bryant, sua figlia e altre sette sono state condivise da un vigile del fuoco della contea di Los Angeles durante l'ora dell'aperitivo a una cerimonia di premiazione..

Witness recounts attack on Lee Zeldin at campaign event in New York: ‘Kinda crazy

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He was filming Zeldin’s speech in Perinton, New York when a man walked onto the stage and allegedly attempted to attack the gubernatorial candidate. "It was actually kinda crazy," Crippen told Fox News Digital. "Io wa ...

Jan. 6 committee gets its most important witness yet as Trump White House counsel testifies

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The House select committee investigating the US Capitol insurrection on Friday could land some of its most critical testimony yet -- from former White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, who was present for some of the mos...

Chinese immigrant, a witness to Mao’s political purge, warning about indoctrination in public schools

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In un'intervista a Fox News Digital, Lily Tang Williams, who is currently running as a Republican candidate for Congress in New Hampshire's second district, discussed the lessons she learned as a witness to communi...

luglio 4 parade shooting bystanders knew ‘instantaneouslygunshots were not fireworks: Testimone

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"It was repetitively the recycling - bang, bang, bang. It wasn't fireworks. And you could just see instantaneously people knew that it wasn't fireworks," Warren Fried told host Trace Gallagher. "People just started r...

NYC temple members travel to Ukraine border to bring comfort and ‘bear witness

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The mission was one of faith, compassion and care toward the innocents in Ukraine whose country was invaded and torn asunder by Russian forces beginning on Feb. 24, 2022 — over 130 days ago now. When most Americans w...

Highland Park July 4th parade shooting was ‘like a war zone,’ witness says

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"It looked like a war zone," Paul Chesler, 75, ha detto a Fox News Digital. Chesler and his girlfriend were watching the parade when a gunman positioned on a roof opened fire at about 10:14 a.m. "We heard 15 o 16 rapid f...

The single most compelling witness of the January 6 committee hearings so far

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Wandrea "Shaye" Moss was nervous. She couldn't get the microphone in front of her to work. She initially struggled to find the words to express herself. But as the former Georgia election worker unspooled her ...

gennaio 6 committee announces first prime time hearing will feature previously unseen material and witness testimony

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Il comitato ristretto della Camera che indaga su gennaio 6 insurrection of the US Capitol formally announced Thursday that its first public hearing will take place on June 9 a 8 p.m. E. The advisory does not list any...

Kate Moss expected to be called by Johnny Depp’s legal team as a witness

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Kate Moss, who dated Johnny Depp in the 1990s, is expected to be called to testify as a rebuttal witness by his legal team in the ongoing trial between Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, a source close to Depp tells ...

Dem witness tells House committee men can get pregnant, have abortions

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Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of the abortion rights nonprofit Avow Texas, was asked by Rep. Dan Bishop, R-N.C., to define what "a woman is," to which she responded, "I believe that everyone can identify fo...

Amber Heard’s first witness iO Tillett Wright called: What Wright said on day 17 of defamation trial

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In a taped deposition from March 2022, iO Tillett Wright — an author, producer and longtime friend of Heard, 36 — testified during the ongoing defamation trial that he received a phone call from Heard on May 21, 2016...

L'ex star della NFL Vernon Davis sostiene che gli atleti utilizzino il collare Q

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Michael Cohen, ex uno dei migliori confidenti di Donald Trump prima di rivoltarsi contro di lui per diventare il testimone principale nelle indagini sugli affari e sulle finanze del magnate immobiliare di New York, è "deluso" ...

FBI raids home over threats made to judge, attorneys and potential witness in Michigan Gov. Whitmer kidnap plot trial

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FBI agents raided a residence on the outskirts of Detroit last Friday in connection to threats made to the judge, two defense attorneys and at least one potential witness in the ongoing federal trial of four men acc...

Man claiming his innocence in ’98 slaying says prosecution withheld evidence about key witness

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Anthony Sims has spent 24 years in prison for a murder he says he did not commit. He was convicted in 1999 of killing a Chinese immigrant in Brooklyn and sentenced to 25-to-life. Sims' friend, Julius Graves, was th...

Tiger King: 'Esplosivo’ new witness implicates handyman in killing of Carole Baskin’s ex Don Lewis

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Florida detectives presented evidence to the Tampa state attorney's office in July against Kenny Farr for the alleged murder of Don Lewis, who disappeared Aug. 18, 1997, quando era 59. YDon Lewis' daughter...