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Consumer watchdog bashes BlackRock for ‘going wokewhile investing in China

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BlackRock has prioritized investments in environmentally and socially conscious companies in the U.S., but has continued to pour money into Chinese companies that don't meet those standards, Consumers' Research execu...

Woke culture has hit our police hard and now it threatens our safety

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That’s a travesty. DOZENS OF SAN FRANCISCO AREA STORES, PHARMACIES HIT BY MOBS OF SMASH-AND-GRAB LOOTERS: 'HURTS US ALL' There’s a certain type of person who is drawn to law enforcement jobs. It is not a glamorous ...

Political cartoon of the day: Woke blinders on?

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NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles!

Matt Schlapp slams ‘Sesame Streetover ‘woke politicspush as critics push to defund PBS

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‘SNL’ COLD OPEN SHOWS TED CRUZ REVAMPING ‘SESAME STREET’ TO SHIELD KIDS FROM ‘WOKE’ CULTURE MATT SCHLAPP: Of course not, this is ridiculous … When you have hundreds of channels to choose from, why do we have to have ...

Aaron Rodgers talks unvaccinated status, ‘woke mob,’ advice from Joe Rogan and MLK

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The Green Bay Packers superstar appeared in an interview on "パットマカフィーショー" on Friday and rattled off several reasons why he chose not to get vaccinated, including an allergy he said he has from an ingredient i...

「目覚めた人種差別’ 著者マクウォーター: コンドリーザ・ライスの批判的人種理論に対する批判は「完全に正しい」’

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"彼女が死にました, 正しい," の作者 "目覚めた人種差別" 言った "ブライアンキルミードショー。" 元国務長官, ブッシュ政権の間に仕えた人, 批判的人種理論の教えを非難した (CRT) シューで...

ヴィヴェック・ラマスワミー: GOP must go beyond running against Biden hypocrisy and the woke left

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CLAY TRAVIS HAILS YOUNGKIN VICTORY: ‘THE WOKE AGENDA, THANK THE LORD, IS DEAD!’ VIVEK RAMASWAMY: I think the Republican Party had a nice win across the board but I think that Republicans need to do better than just c...

クレイ・トラヴィスがヨンキンの勝利を称える: 「目覚めた議題, 主に感謝します, 死んでいる!’

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ヨンキンがバージニア州知事クレイ・トラヴィスのレースでマコーリフを破る: 目覚めた議題, 主に感謝します, 死んでいる. これは全面的に絶対的な鞭打ちでした. 私はこれを待っていました. バージニア; polを払い戻す。.

Asra Nomaniは、バージニア州の学校で目覚めた本の例を呼びかけます, 親が押し返している理由を説明します

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オン "狐 & 友達," フェアファックス郡の学校に子供たちが通っていた元ウォールストリートジャーナルのコラムニストは、学校制度で子供たちに提供されている本の例をもたらしました. 彼女が最初に見せた本。.

NYC mom blasts ‘wokepoliticians amid school safety shift: ‘We want our children to be kept safe

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NYC'S DE BLASIO SENT HIS CHILDREN TO ‘GIFTED AND TALENTED’ SCHOOL MONA DAVIDS: 番号, I am certainly not a person of privilege, and those individuals do not speak for the majority of parents here in New York City. We wa...

イーライ・スティール: 17-year-old rejects all things woke for the hero’s path

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I intentionally asked this question to challenge Daniel’s character as we sat on folding chairs in the modest and comfortable church that his parents built in the Bed-Stuy neighborhood of Brooklyn after immigrating f...

Woke community protesting comedy ‘really are the joke’: Babylon Bee CEO

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"They really are the joke at this point," 彼は言った. "They try to project themselves as being marginalized. These are the marginalized, these are the oppressed, but you can’t make fun of them. The way you can tell who ...

Ricky Gervais says in a podcast he wants to live to see youngsters called out for not being ‘woke enough

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The comedian was joined by neuroscientist Sam Harris on his "Absolutely Mental" ポッドキャスト, and during their conversation, the pair peeled back the layers on current ideologies that could or won’t survive the next wave ...

パッカーズ’ アーロン・ロジャースは、彼が「PCの目覚めた文化」のターゲットだったと言います’ ベアーズファンとの交流に続いて

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現役のNFLMVPは、6ヤードのラッシュタッチダウンで4分と 30 日曜日の午後、第4四半期にNFC北地区のライバルと対戦するまでの秒数, そして彼はいくつかの選択の言葉を出すことにしました ...

ジム・ブレスロ: Gavin Newsom’s woke plans now include toys, lawn mowers and even restrooms

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の中に 2021 legislative session which just ended, some of the bills were so crazy that even progressive darling Gov. Gavin Newsom did not have the stomach to sign them. Before we get to them, let’s look at some of t...

バイデンの議題が失敗したとき, 目覚めた議題が上がる: ラマスワミー

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"私たちが見るより多くのインフレ, より多くの供給と貿易の不足が見られます, 私たちが目にする外交政策の災害が増える, バイデン政権が人種差別やミソジニーについて話しているのを見るほどです, または偏見または ...

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