鬼ごっこ: 「目が覚めた’

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NYC mom blasts ‘wokepoliticians amid school safety shift: ‘We want our children to be kept safe

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NYC'S DE BLASIO SENT HIS CHILDREN TO ‘GIFTED AND TALENTED’ SCHOOL MONA DAVIDS: 番号, I am certainly not a person of privilege, and those individuals do not speak for the majority of parents here in New York City. We wa...

Woke culture has hit our police hard and now it threatens our safety

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That’s a travesty. DOZENS OF SAN FRANCISCO AREA STORES, PHARMACIES HIT BY MOBS OF SMASH-AND-GRAB LOOTERS: 'HURTS US ALL' There’s a certain type of person who is drawn to law enforcement jobs. It is not a glamorous ...

‘Woke Inc.’ 著者: Facebook must be held accountable for ‘rampant institutional lying

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"I think this is what we need to be holding Facebook and other social media companies accountable for … is their rampant institutional lying.," said Ramaswamy. "They knew they were doing something wrong." ITS. BLAC...

This Democratic leader just went off on the ‘woke’ 左

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Hakeem Jeffries is sick of hearing from liberals carping about how Democrats -- and their leaders, of which he is one -- aren't doing enough to advance progressive policies. "The extreme left is obsessed with talkin...

Dean Cain slams Marvel for new ‘wokeCaptain America comic: Bashing USA is now ‘the cool thing to do

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Marvel is facing backlash for its latest comic, "The United States of Captain America," which says the American dream isn’t real. ITS. COTTON SLAMS NYT FOR SUGGESTING THE AMERICAN FLAG IS DIVISIVE Issue 1 of the ne...

Oregon teacher outlines ways parents, students can escape woke indoctrination in schools

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Freelance author and high school teacher Daniel Buck backed Americans' right to school choice while pointing out that the "countless stories of K-12 schools succumbing to and endorsing the excesses of progressive ide...

ケイトリン・ジェンナー: 「目覚めた世界’ 女性のスポーツのために働いていない

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"私たちは女性のスポーツを守る必要があります," ジェンナーは言った "アメリカレポート" 共同ホストのサンドラ・スミス. トランスジェンダーのコミュニティでは、一般の人々よりも自殺がはるかに多いことに注意してください, ジェナーは大学を尊敬していると言った。.

ヴィクターデービスハンソン: Americans becoming Sovietized? 10 warning signs about the woke left’s radical agenda

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Was it not that Russians finally tired of the Kremlin’s lies and hypocrisies that permeated every facet of their falsified lives? これが 10 symptoms of Sovietism. Ask yourself whether we are headed down this same ...

Republicans scramble to stamp out ‘wokepolitical bias, cancel culture in the US military

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Multiple prominent Republicans on the House and Senate Armed Services Committees slammed cancel culture and woke ideology that they claim may be contributing to biases against service members who identify as conserva...

陸軍のベテラン、ジェレミー・ハントが「目覚めたプッシュ」で音を立てる’ 軍隊で: 「非常に厄介です’

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エインズリー・イアーハート: ジェレミー, give us your topline thoughts on Congressman Crenshaw's tweet, そして、このような目覚めた軍隊全体のプッシュ. ジェレミーハント: 全体, センに拍手を送る. 綿と担当者. Crenshaw who are speak...

Author Stephen Soukup discusses the ‘dictatorship of woke capitalon ‘Tucker Carlson Today

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Soukup said his job had been to offer analysis and recommendations to market traders and brokers based on his research and projections for how the federal government was behaving. He then, しかしながら, recounted to Carls...

ウーピー・ゴールドバーグがビル・マーを「不平を言ってノックする’ 黒国歌について: これは「目が覚めた」ということではありません’

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金曜日に, マハーは、前夜にタンパベイバッカニアーズとダラスカウボーイズの間で行われたNFLのシーズンキックオフを見たことを思い出しました。, どのように指摘する "星条旗" 前に演奏した曲はそれだけではありませんでした ...

ベン・ドメネク: Other nations laughing at US for embracing ‘woke religion’ クリティカルレース理論

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Domenech raised doubts about the controversial academic movement on "The Big Sunday Show," explaining that critical race theory appeals to a mostly white, left-wing audience, and that some minorities were concerned b...

CIA pushes back after critics slam new recruitment ad as ’embarrassment,’ ‘woke propaganda

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"2020 was a standout recruitment year for CIA despite the pandemic. 私たちの 2021 incoming class is the third-largest in a decade," the agency told Fox News. 'WOKE' CIA RECRUITMENT VIDEO RILES UP SOCIAL MEDIA The video i...

ハニティ: 極左の政治がスポーツや娯楽に浸透している

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現在、スポーツでさえ、極左の論点の分割プラットフォームとして使用されています. そして今、アメリカ人は大騒ぎしている. あなたからの人々は知っています, 人々が運動会に行くとき, あなたはthからの休憩を望んでいません。.

Wilfred Reilly tells ‘Tucker Carlson Todaycorporations act woke to distract from ‘actual class questions

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"The extreme racial language we find being used, 80, 90-plus% of it comes from the left," said Reilly, author of the recent books "Taboo: 10 Facts You Can't Talk About" そして "Hate Crime Hoax: how the Left is Selling a...

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