鬼ごっこ: 「目が覚めた’

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‘GroundbreakingSupreme Court case could await Facebook after Trump ban: ‘Woke Inc.’ 著者

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TRUMP BAN: REPUBLICANS THREATEN TO BREAK UP FACEBOOK AFTER OVERSIGHT BOARD DECISION VIVEK RAMASWAMY: I think that this self-criticism was just a veneer, it’s a smokescreen designed to create this air of legitimacy ar...

「マイリトルポニー’ 目が覚めた: 新しいNetflix映画が進歩的な生き物を紹介します

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Netflixがリリースしました "マイリトルポニー: 次の世代," そして90分の映画は新しい幻想的な生き物を歓迎します, それらのいくつかは恐れを抱きます, 魔法でエクエストリアのポニーの世界を復元するという使命を持って. NS...

「RHOC’ スターのケリー・ドッドは彼女が「盲目だった」と言います’ ショーを終了する: 「目が覚めた, 壊れた’ 人々は「私を憎むのが大好き」

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リアリティスターは最近SiriusXMに参加しました "ジェフルイスライブ" 彼女が完全に感じたという事実についてオープンになりました "ブラインドサイド" ニュースで彼女は人気のブラボーシリーズに戻らないだろう. ドッド, 誰が主演したか...

‘Tucker Carlson Tonighton revolution against ‘woke universe

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タッカーカールソン, FOXニュースホスト: Good evening and welcome to TUCKER CARLSON TONIGHT. 今週末, police in Columbus, Georgia arrested the 39-year-old man called Justin Tyran Roberts. Over the course of a single...

‘Woke cancel culture movementbackfired on Joe Biden, ステイシーエイブラムス: 政府. ケンプ

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STACEY ABRAMS GROUP LASHES OUT AFTER WASHINGTON POST FACT CHECK DOLES OUT 'PINOCCHIOS' GOV. ブライアンケンプ: …When you have the president of the United States getting four Pinocchio's from The Washington Post, Stacey Abra...

‘Woke Inc.’ 著者: Facebook must be held accountable for ‘rampant institutional lying

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"I think this is what we need to be holding Facebook and other social media companies accountable for … is their rampant institutional lying.," said Ramaswamy. "They knew they were doing something wrong." ITS. BLAC...

「目覚めた人種差別’ 著者マクウォーター: コンドリーザ・ライスの批判的人種理論に対する批判は「完全に正しい」’

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"彼女が死にました, 正しい," の作者 "目覚めた人種差別" 言った "ブライアンキルミードショー。" 元国務長官, ブッシュ政権の間に仕えた人, 批判的人種理論の教えを非難した (CRT) シューで...

「目が覚めた, 株式会社’ author on Trump’s Big Tech lawsuit: Imagine the response if ‘facts were reversed

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TRUMP TO SUE FACEBOOK, TWITTER, GOOGLE OVER ALLEGED CENSORSHIP, SAYS THEY'VE ‘CEASED TO BE PRIVATE’ VIVEK RAMASWAMY: I actually want to give credit to somebody who's far on the other side of this issue politically is...

「目が覚めた’ カリフォルニア地方検事ガスコン, 政府. ニューサムは刑務所の初期の釈放を非難した

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"カリフォルニアは制御不能であり、国の残りの部分は目を覚ます必要があります," スピッツァーは言った "狐 & 友達" 月曜日に. オレンジカウンティD.A. 受刑者に関する新しい規則が施行されてから2日後にコメントをした。.

「目が覚めた’ draws humor from a Black cartoonist’s political awakening

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A Black cartoonist experiences an awakening about racism even in liberal San Francisco in "起きた," a Hulu series that pairs eccentric humor and characters with its timely real-world echoes. Based on the work of carto...

「目が覚めた’ issues distracted leaders from Afghanistan, former military officials say

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One former senior official, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said that under President Biden, top officials held meetings on "culture war" issues every week, and sometimes more. The roster of those attending incl...

「目が覚めた’ アイビーリーグは若いアメリカ人に「完全に失業」する方法を教えています: ダグラスマレー

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働きすぎる「目覚め」? 編集者は今、アイビーリーグの卒業生ダグラスマレーの採用について2度考えています: 氏. リノは何かに取り組んでいます. 彼は、最近アイビーリーグから出てきた目が覚めていない学生でさえ、によって被害を受けていると言います。.

「目が覚めた’ NYC school curriculum prompts dad to move daughter to Florida

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"Little children don’t need to feel bad about the color of their skin," Harvey Goldman said. "That’s what they’re teaching them, to feel bad about who they are." "Schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence,"...

Aaron Rodgers talks unvaccinated status, ‘woke mob,’ advice from Joe Rogan and MLK

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The Green Bay Packers superstar appeared in an interview on "パットマカフィーショー" on Friday and rattled off several reasons why he chose not to get vaccinated, including an allergy he said he has from an ingredient i...

American ‘wokecompanies blamed for fueling China’s rise, Paypal co-founder says

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"There's something about the woke politics inside these companies, the way they think of themselves as not really American companies. And it's somehow very, very difficult for them to have a sharp anti-China edge wha...

American Warriors concerned with woke military leadership: ‘Destroying the fabric’ of why soldiers fight

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Fox News spoke with three such veterans in Phoenix during Turning Point USA’s AmericaFest, all of whom addressed the four-day event. "The Pentagon has been infected with wokeism the same way so many other institution...

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