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A deadly California wildfire was set to cover up a woman’s murder, 당국은 말한다

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ㅏ 2020 wildfire that killed two people in Northern California and eventually became part of one of the largest fires in the state's history was set intentionally in an attempt to cover up a woman's murder, authoriti...

실종 캘리포니아 여성의 학대 혐의로 알려진 남자 친구가 그녀의 실종 및 살인 혐의로 기소되었습니다.

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미시 에르난데스, 도시의 팝업 아트 현장을 자주 방문하는 것으로 알려진 30세 여성, 12세 딸이 있었고 박람회와 행사에서 수정과 수제 장신구를 판매했습니다.. "Missy는 매우 사회적인 사람입니다..

Doctors link woman’s butt fillers to sepsis diagnosis 14 months after procedure

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Her doctors said the woman, whose case will be presented at the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID) held online from July 9-12, had no prior medical history, and had develope...

Texas abortion provider Whole Woman’s Health says it provided abortion after judge stays state law

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"We are providing abortions in accordance with Judge Pittman’s ruling out of compassion for our patients," Whole Woman’s Health posted on Twitter in response to a ruling from U.S. District Court Judge Robert Pittman ...

2 콜로라도 여성의 몸 근처에서 발견 된 곰의 위장에 사람의 유해가있었습니다, 야생 동물 관리들은 말한다

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39 세 여성의 시신이 Trimble에서 발견되었습니다., 두 랑고 북쪽, 그녀의 남자 친구가 집에 돌아와 그녀의 개 두 마리를 발견하고 여전히 목줄을 감았지만 그의 여자 친구는 서명하지 않았습니다., 콜로라도 공원과 Wildlif ...

Adopted biracial woman’s royal roots turning into a real-life fairy tale

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There could be a new princess in Disney's royal court. Nearly two decades after Sarah Culberson discovered that her father was the chief of a village in Sierra Leone, the West Virginia native's life story could fina...

Police face questions after a woman’s body is found in a police van in Huntsville, 앨라배마

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Authorities in Huntsville, 앨라배마, are facing questions surrounding the discovery of a woman's body in the back of a rarely used police van in a police parking lot. A police officer discovered the body of Christina...

맥도날드, 햄버거 포장지의 대변에 대한 뉴저지 여성의 소송이 근거가 없다고 주장

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아만다 보르도 이스, Millville에서, 뉴저지, 현지 맥도날드를 상대로 소송을 제기했습니다. -- 프랜차이즈 JDKD Enterprises가 소유하고 운영하는 -- 안전한 곳에 음식을 준비하고 제공하지 않았기 때문에 ...

Two Boy Scouts saved a drowning woman’s life after pulling her out of Missouri floodwaters

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Two Boy Scouts in Missouri are set to be honored by their city's fire department after rescuing a woman who was drowning in floodwaters. Joseph Diener, 16, and Dominic Viet, 15, were riding their bikes in Columbia, ...

상자 안에 채워진 텍사스 여성의 잘린 시체, 살인 혐의로 기소된 아들

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가족 구성원이 화요일 이후 Lucila Barnes로부터 소식을 듣지 못했다고 보고한 후 Harris 카운티 대리인은 목요일 복지 점검을 수행했습니다.. 친척들은 그녀의 집에 연락을 시도했지만 집에서 아무 소식도 들리지 않았습니다..

Group of endangered condors take up residence outside of a California woman’s home

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There are only about 200 California condors in the wild in California, but for some reason, 15 ...에 20 of the massive birds decided to congregate in one location — on a woman's deck. Cinda Mickols, who lives about tw...

Deadly duo behind Long Island woman’s decapitation allegedly prayed to an ‘alligator godbefore arrest: 문서

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그것은 2007 when officials made the gruesome discovery in a canal along Alligator Alley. It wouldn’t be until more than a decade later when investigators learned what really happened to the victim. The case is being ...

Woman’s inexplicable weight gain leads to shocking cancer discovery

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Shoultz first noticed she was gaining weight early in the year, so she started dieting and working out more, but kept gaining more weight around her stomach. During her annual checkup this February, she resolved she...

Utah woman’s headstone has her fudge recipe engraved on the back

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Kathryn Andrews and her husband Wade are buried at Logan Cemetery in Logan, 유타. Like typical headstones, theirs has their names, birth and death dates. 하나, it also includes images to represent Wade on the side...

TSA returns lost diamond to owner after it fell off woman’s engagement ring

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Amir Khan Durrani and his wife recently traveled to John F. Kennedy International Airport to catch a honeymoon flight to Guam, but at some point, 그만큼 "newly purchased" diamond became dislodged from Mrs. Durrani’s rin...

A woman’s inspiring journey from janitor to health care worker

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Jaines Andrades started working at Baystate Medical in Springfield, 매사추세츠 주, as a janitor. But she worked her way through nursing school, and now ten years later she has returned as a nurse practitioner. "그것'...

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