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I’m a doctor and a Democrat, and I won’t let the mob force me to choose between the two

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He's right—and the Democrat party’s newfound and aggressive affinity for censoring debate and strong-arming doctors is making many of us rethink our political allegiance. ELON MUSK LIGHTS UP TWITTER AFTER DECLARING ...

NATO won’t seek military bases, nuclear weapons in Finland, 下午说

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Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin made the announcement to an Italian newspaper on Thursday, days after Finland formally requested membership in NATO. "There isn't even interest [within NATO] to put nuclear weapons ...

关于 Showtime 的林肯项目幕后纪录片不会讨好史蒂夫施密特: 资源

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但一位参与林肯计划的消息人士告诉 Fox News Digital,施密特可能并不关心他的形象。. "I think you're going to see just how much he was disliked by the entire staff," 该...

特雷尔: Antifa是“民主基础”,’ 所以他们不会把他们的选民“关进监狱”’

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特雷尔周五告诉福克斯新闻,民主党人已经 "投降了" 费城等美国城市, 芝加哥和洛杉矶. 对这样的群体, 估计情况只会变得更糟,因为民主党人仍然留在市政和f...

取消的电视节目: '万能 P.I,’ '女王,’ '基南,’ 和其他不会回归的网络系列

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又是一年中的那个时候,电视网络宣布新的和更新的节目. 但也是在他们宣布已取消的系列时. 以下是网络上一些已经被砍掉或被砍掉的节目。.

肯塔基德比冠军Rich Strike不会参加Preakness Stakes

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刚刚在第 148 届肯塔基德比中获胜, Rich Strike 将不会参加即将到来的 Preakness Stakes -- 赛马三冠王第二站, 这匹马的主人里克道森在一份声明中说 T...

美巡赛高尔夫球手将不会获得在沙特支持的竞争对手联赛中打球的机会: 报告

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巡回赛在周二下午通知了正在寻求发布的球员,并在一份备忘录中通知了所有球员这一决定, 美联社报道. 首届 LIV 高尔夫邀请赛将于 6 月举行 9-11 在百夫长去...


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这个故事的一个版本首次出现在 CNN 的“中东同时”时事通讯中, 每周 3 次深入了解该地区最大的故事. 在此注册. 阿布扎比, 阿联酋作为欧洲试图阻碍莫斯科的...

Biden disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz’s book says she won’t be ‘silencedby ‘harassmentfrom men online

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She claims the "infrastructure of the internet is built for men." In her recent book, "How to Be a Woman Online," Nina Jankowicz raises concerns on a number of subjects surrounding the backlash women face online, 解放军.

拜登经济顾问不会说美国是否会走向衰退: “你永远不能排除任何事情’

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在 CNN 的节目中 "新的一天," 他说, "你永远不能排除任何事情," 主持人布丽安娜·凯拉尔(Brianna Keilar)就这个问题向他施压,并指出美国人对经济感觉不好. 白侯...

王牌: Supreme Court leak sets ‘dangerous precedent,’ says issue won’t have ‘tremendous effecton midterms

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During an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital Tuesday, Trump said the leak of the draft opinion written by Justice Samuel Alito was "surprising." 王牌, during his presidency, appointed three conservative just...

Biden’s plan to bribe millennials by canceling debt can’t and won’t work

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For the fourth time in his presidency, Biden recently suspended loan payments through August 31. He improbably cited the pandemic that his own chief science adviser admits has ended. 现在, under increasing pressure fr...

In Reagan Library speech, Maryland’s Hogan to argue GOP ‘won’t win backWhite House with Trump as nominee

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And the term-limited governor who’s a vocal Republican critic of Donald Trump will take a sledgehammer to the former president and other potential GOP White House hopefuls looking to carry the America First mantle, s ...

WSJ’s Jason Riley claims the left won’t be satisfied until they have ‘total dominionover everything

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Gowdy questioned whether Twitter has made society better off and whether Musk’s purchase could make things better or worse for social media. BIOTECH ENTREPRENEUR WARNS WHAT WE’RE SEEING WITH TWITTER IS JUST THE ‘TIP ...

Why young voters probably won’t cost Democrats in 2022

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It was hard to escape the headlines this past week about President Joe Biden and young voters. "Democrats ring alarm bells over young voters" "Biden's challenge: getting his mojo back with younger voters" "Young...

英格拉汉姆: The left won’t think twice about ‘punishing perceived wrongdoers’ 在家里

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劳拉·英格拉姆: 好. This is rich, with his party on the brink and his former VP on the ropes, Barack Obama thinks that he's going to turn the tide by attacking the few news sources in the United States that are actua...

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