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Woodstock festival co-creator Michael Lang dead at 77

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He last appeared publicly just before the COVID pandemic hit around the 50th anniversary of the festival, which was marked by controversial will they-or-won’t attempts to stage a Woodstock 50 festival that played out...

Michael Lang, Co-creatore di Woodstock, muore all'età 77

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Michael Lang, famoso co-creatore del festival musicale di Woodstock, morto sabato, La CNN ha imparato. È stato 77 Anni. Lang è morto da "una forma rara di linfoma non Hodgkin allo Sloan Kettering Hospital di New York," leggi un ...

‘Woodstock 99draws a line from the ugliness of that festival to the present

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Before there was the Fyre festival -- with its absurdly comic snafus and dueling documentaries -- there was Woodstock 99. Il documentario della HBO "Woodstock 99: Peace, Love and Rage" examines that event -- descritto come ...

‘Who Can Forget?’ Woodstock: Il 10 most iconic moments from 1969

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For more than a year now, music concerts and festivals of all kinds have either been canceled or compromised due to COVID-19. But Fox Nation’s ‘Who Can Forget? 1969' brings you back to a time when hundreds of thousan...